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Take a look at the honest reviews and see why should be your choice for Psychic Readings! Read it and Vote and Rate Yourself.

Thousands of clients have made their choice for personalized authentic psychic readings.

PsychicOz psychics consistently receive top ratings from their customers, so you can relax, knowing that your psychic is both experienced and talented.

What’s more is that you have 24/7 access to the best psychics in the industry via email or phone.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy with PsychicOz:

  • PsychicOz screens and tests their psychics more completely than any of their competitors. PsychicOz are proud to have only the most gifted and authentic psychics in their team of professionals.
  • PsychicOz service is very affordable. They have everyday low prices, not just special introductory prices.
  • Each and every reading begins with one free minute, so you do not need to worry about paying for the connection time.
  • Every new customer gets an additional free three minutes after making an initial deposit.
  • No prepayment is necessary. You may pay safely and securely via credit card, debit card or PayPal when you’re ready for your reading.

PsychicOz psychics are ready to assist you in finding your way to love and a more fulfilling life.


  • They Screen and Test Psychics Like No Other Competitor. As results they have best gifted psychics.
  • Psychics are very Affordable. They have low prices not just introductory prices.
  • Every reading with any psychic advisor always starts with 1 free minute.
  • Every new customer gets additional Free 3 minutes.
  • No prepayment – pay safely and securely via PayPal.
  • Real Ratings and reviews for Each Psychic on their website.
  • Anonymous and private
  • Numerous Reviews from Independent Websites
  • Great Introductory Deals for New Clients


  • They do not have large number of psychics, they prefer have quality vs quantity.
  • Some psychics are getting busy as many clients want to call them.



  1. Avatar

    jacklyn is great. she is down to earth and gives heartfelt answers.

  2. Avatar

    Thank you for your support. Really needed it.

  3. Avatar

    Thulla is quick, she’s clear, and she’s really accurate. She’s an empath, not a telepath, but her experience as a reader and ability to see behind the scrim are nonetheless pretty impressive. She’s helped me set course or stay out of trouble several times, and while her style is straightforward, she is not abrupt and her compassion always comes through.

  4. Avatar

    LoveKelly has been so extremely helpful in my navigating a somewhat-convoluted and slowly-developing relationship with a woman who has some trust issues and keeps her feelings close to her chest. Ladylight’s insight, maturity, and ability to quickly suss-out my beloved’s mood flows have been helpful, comforting, and enabled me to keep my own emotional balance and to avoid the missteps I’d make because of my passion for this woman.

  5. Avatar

    EmpressQueen thank you for some great advice.

  6. Avatar

    “Aldwyn,awesome reading. On point and straight to it. Great

  7. Avatar

    “Thank you for your continued support and consistent advice and
    you are just so caring and insightful – thank you Nelly.”

  8. Avatar

    Thank you are the best Jaclyn.

  9. Avatar

    “Thulla is fantastic and a wonderful lady. Her detailed advice is
    welcome and delightful. No nonsense with her she is genuine.”

  10. Avatar

    Thank you Thulla as always for being there when I need your sage advice!

  11. Avatar

    Thanks Thulla for the updated, you are AWESOME!!!

  12. Avatar

    “I had not called PsychicOz for years & when I did I called AdvisorLilly. She
    seemed to pick up on the person in question rather well. Time
    will tell though – I feel she was very insightful & also let me
    know what I need to work on myself. Thank you!!!”

  13. Avatar

    Maryln has patience and no judgements! She is funny, fast, accurate and full of information! I have been reading with her for many years and she has been on this journey with me throughout! Let’s hope this is the final leg! Love you! Thank you for all!!

  14. Avatar

    Catalina is one of my favorites and another one that keeps me sane. Her readings are unwavering and she is very gifted in picking up on the energies of the person and situation. As I tell every advisor I speak with, timelines are not set in stone and no advisor should ever be rated on the accuracy of their time frames. People have free will and therefore control their own timelines. What an advisor reads is the energy at the moment. I am dealing with someone who is very stubborn. Catalina picks up on what he wants, but he will deny himself what he wants over and over until he finally caves. But she describes him perfectly – his emotions and his quirks. Always consistent, non-judgmental, and someone who truly cares about her clients. No one is right 100% of the time, but she’s pretty darn close!

  15. Avatar

    Have not read with Jean for awhile, I had forgotten how comforting she is, she knows exactly how you feel and doesn’t sugar coat anything. I appreciate her honesty and I’ll call again soon

  16. Avatar

    A few months ago i asked Divine about a job I applied for at that time. and she said that ‘new job feels good – I’m getting a lot of traveling.’ I didn’t follow through with that job so I just thought maybe it would come later, or maybe it was a prediction that just wouldn’t come about due to free will. But actually, now a few months later, I received a higher position from a different job that entails a lot of driving and traveling around! It didn’t even dawn on me that she actually noted this in our reading from before until I realized how much traveling around I am doing for work. And it is such a wonderful place in my career that I am so happy about. And I know I am in the right place for this time in my life! Amazing, as always!

  17. Avatar

    Always a pleasure to chat with IntuitAlex. She has so much to say in such a short period of time. Again cannot wait to see if she is correct

  18. Avatar

    One of the best and she knows what she see, love my reading, i see him like u say.thank you Savannah

  19. Avatar

    Thank you for the reading. Nicola picked up on everything very accurately.

  20. Avatar

    ISABELLA77 has patience and no judgements! She is funny, fast, accurate and full of information! I have been reading with her for many years and she has been on this journey with me throughout! Let’s hope this is the final leg! Love you! Thank you for all!!

  21. Avatar

    Serenity was so great, and fun in my reading. I really got a lot out of it, and she shed light on some factors that I now realize are not in my control. I really appreciate that knowledge!

  22. Avatar

    Whoa! I’m Scared! But in a good way! I am overwhelmed with what I was told. AdvisorKim communicated something very profound to me that only my love interest and I chatted about…between us. It came to her in the midst of another idea she was expressing. Very amazing. Very gifted.

  23. Avatar

    I love Catalina. She is the real deal. She has a gift and really cares. She has a good sense of life. Shes has a happy nature. and easy to understand. I vouch for her

  24. Avatar

    Thank you MissTula. thank you for your readings and your amazing insight to my life. ever since i found you last year, you’ve been helping me so much. I am so grateful to have your friendship and guidance along with the spirit guides.

  25. Avatar

    From the bottom of my heart, words cannot express how blessed and thankful I am to have you as my spiritual sensai Nicola and my guiding light.. I am wishing you and your family a beautiful happy holiday..I love you! Light and Love from Rachel

  26. Avatar

    Excellent! Very insightful and patient! She knew a lot about my situation without me telling Catalina anything. Can’t wait to update her on her prediction!

  27. Avatar

    As always, and has been for 6 years now, Lucas is one of this site–BEST! If you can catch him, grab a reading.

  28. Avatar

    Nicola is my rock. She gets it. She gets me. And she is so amazingly accurate. She has me brought messages from my deceased husband and has also helped me with a continuing romantic problem that I’m dealing with. She’s absolutely amazing. And she throws in sidebars that I didn’t even ask for and that are 100% accurate. I know she’s the real deal because often times, she’ll pick up my vibe first and she’s always dead on. AMAZING!! She’s more than a psychic advisor, she’s my friend. Love ya, Topaz!! 🙂

  29. Avatar

    Oh boy what a rollercoaster so you nailed this one too LadyLight, you said red tape and there it is…so now we are changed to Jan 25th which is a blessing it gives me time. I did get the extra 2 hours I needed as you said i would…..smooth sailing talk soon love ya

  30. Avatar

    LOVE Dora…she brings me peace…much needed peace. She really seems to connect with me and each time I read through our chat the more everything she says makes sense. Dora is a gift…..much love and appreciation! Hugs!

  31. Avatar

    Vincent always manages to calm me down regardless of whether it’s a good or bad situation. He’s gifted in more ways than just spiritually, with her great sense of humor and insight.

  32. Avatar

    I love the peace and clarity that LadyLight brings, very gentle and honest at the same time. Thanks

  33. Avatar

    Wonderful before I said something Bensua told me why I was calling for and it was soo true I was in sock when she started talking.

  34. Avatar

    So comforting and calm! I am waiting to hear from my POI before the month ends 🙂 Thanks MissTula

  35. Avatar

    Catalina is always great. She provides very in depth information in whatever aspect I ask for. I will definitely keep reaching out to Catalina …

  36. Avatar

    Excellent!! Found out all I needed to know. Great reading and very accurate with Essential. Hope everything she says does come to past. Will come back for another reading…

  37. Avatar

    I called and asked my question. It was such a real genuine answer. I felt a real connection with Mamasita

  38. Avatar

    Great energy — will definitely call on Vincent again…

  39. Avatar

    Robin was a pleasure to speak with on the phone. Very kind. Will call back again once I see things begin to unfold. Thank you very much!

  40. Avatar

    Robin comes from the kindest of hearts, greatest of minds, and always with amazing humility…emphemeral.

  41. Avatar

    I’ve been talking to Dom for over 2 years. His prediction r usually accurate. He is also very sweet man. Wish I could meet someone like him. Lol what he read to me was sooo accurate about the POI. Little shocking. Was surprised he picked up on it. I hope his prediction happens and hopefully soon. I’m sure u won’t be disappointed when u try him. Dom if u read these just to let u know I go by a nother name when I talk to u. It’s my Nick name. Thank u so much for u help. I truly hope everything comes true. If not I just have to realize I need to move on. Its been way to long for me to continue dealing with this stress. I will talk to u soon. Thank u again.

  42. Avatar

    Kind, humble, brilliant, playful and illuminating…only a few words to describe Robin.

  43. Avatar

    GiftedGeorge was very good.

  44. Avatar

    Robin is a wonderful advisor! Give her a try. You will not regret it!

  45. Avatar

    IntuitAlex’s genuine care was almost as apparent as his prolific gift. He used profoundly beautiful language to convey the message. I will definitely seek his advise again.

  46. Avatar

    Robin’s a great friend to come to when life gets a little crazy.

  47. Avatar

    “Thomas hit right on ………..awesome reading. I’m psychic myself and this man is good. He cleared up for me something that was driving me nuts. Advised me on relationship. I’ll go with his advice…………….
    Thank you Thomas!”

  48. Avatar

    Awesome and so sweet. Thank you for your message Sabrina. Thank you for your positive energy.. I could use all I can get 🙂

  49. Avatar

    IntuitAlex, sorry for the late review, but thanks for renewing my faith in the eventual outcome. Things have seemed to hold on track. I’m being patient because my life is very exciting all on its own, this will be icing on the cake. Hope you had a nice vacation!

  50. Avatar

    Amazing..just amazing! Camila is a busy psychic..she is worth the wait!

  51. Avatar

    Serenity’s gift, caring nature and energy all combine for amazing and fulfilling readings. Thank you so much!

  52. Avatar

    I become so comfortable with her in my first interaction with a psychic reader. Thank you so much Aurora. You have calmed me down. God bless you. Keep up the good work.

  53. Avatar

    Lucas was very straight forward. He told me my POI will be reaching out and his focus right now is money but he will reach out to get back together.

  54. Avatar

    Serenity was comforting as always. She put things into perspective for me and she has been my “go to” psychic. She is always sweet and full of such positive energy. I will do the work you suggested and see if the results are there.

  55. Avatar

    Always clear. Zylisaa deserves more than a 5 starts for making me feel much better. You’re the best.

  56. Avatar

    My favorite! Approachable, easy and happy to chat with… Thanks GiftedGeorge, you’re always honest and fun to speak with.

  57. Avatar

    I really appreciate our chats. It gives me hope. I reached out to him, tho, in a weak moment and he said he was done 🙁 Trying to not lose faith. I hope my weakness didn’t ruin our outcome. Thanks Hunter, you’re helping me survived.

  58. Avatar

    Amazing energy!! Great reading as always. Thanks Deanna! I can always count on you!

  59. Avatar

    Libra was sweet and kind and made me feel at ease for my first reading ever. She was right on with questions and brought to light some answers I needed. I will definitely chat with her again!

  60. Avatar

    Norie is the best!!! I’m so glad to have connected with her, and I highly recommend her.

  61. Avatar

    Serenity is such a source of comfort in a time of distress. What an angel!

  62. Avatar

    Great call!!! Fiona connected well with my situation and helped me feel better. She is very positive and nice. Give her a call, she will help you too.

  63. Avatar

    Wonderful as always. Thank you for being positive Robin.

  64. Avatar

    Very nice lady. Norie is always insightful and accurate. Thank you so much for your support!!!

  65. Avatar

    Fantastic chat. Had to cut it short but I definitely got what I needed. Thank you Laila! It was so helpful.

  66. Avatar

    Melissa is oh so sweet and lovely to speak with and the reading just took a few minutes with so much details 🙂 If money wasn’t an issue, then I would love to speak with her even more so.

  67. Avatar

    Last reading, Gina is as spot on about prediction and has given me some great tips and tricks. Thank you!

  68. Avatar

    She is my number one choice. Thank you Serenity for being there and helping me get through this. Hugs!

  69. Avatar

    Solutions is very easy to talk to. She answered questions before they were asked. She was inspiring and uplifting. It was like talking to a best girlfriend. Her predictions were accurate.She gave insight and advice. I chatted with her again just to have a friendly ear and someone with an upbeat attitude. I will be chatting with Solutions often.

  70. Avatar

    Serenity was awesome to chat with! Very detailed caring and compassionate! She gave me great insight and hope for the future! Im sure I will be chatting with her soon! Thanks again!

  71. Avatar

    Sita is such a sensitive, detailed, accurate psychic. I really liked this reading and will call to let her know the outcome.

  72. Avatar

    She was right on point with everything. She connects deeply and tells you the truth always.

  73. Avatar

    Amanda is so wonderful, love her feedback on my problems and I trust her completely, Thank you so much.

  74. Avatar

    The most accurate psychic that I have read with so far. Dora was able to give me a physical description, age,occupation, surrounding location and number of children the man has. I look forward to talking with her again after I meet my person.

  75. Avatar

    Well Robin I was shocked that you said the communication with P was positive… in light of what he said.. I took your advice and Texted back to him.. thanking him for getting back to me and that when he feels better and is up to it.. I would love to see him again, I also told him I cared about him deeply. I saw on facebook a picture of a horse and a cat hugging the horse, I had to laugh cause that is what you said he represents a horse and me a cat… I sent that to him saying that I was sending this to him with many hugs… anyway, I sort of have lost hope that I will be with him again… it seems at this point a hopeless.. anyway thank you

  76. Avatar

    I called Ms Solutions to see if she could alleviate my concerns. She completely calmed my nerves, and assured me everything was fine. And two days later when I received my test results, I was relived bc everything was indeed fine. I realize that Ms Solutions is not a doctor, so I would never come here for medical advice. However Ms Solutions was able to calm me so I could make it through the next few days waiting for these results to come through. Seriously, I trust her so much, pretty much anything she says I believe as true. I love you Ms Solutions!

  77. Avatar

    Thank you Subrina so much for your depth of understanding and your kind and supportive words. I know you sensed that I truly needed to feel like someone has my back. You provided that for me this morning and I thank you so very much. I will keep you updated:).

  78. Avatar

    Great reading…Her accuracy is indisputable.Thank you Nichole..thank you.

  79. Avatar

    Melissa picked up things about me with just names…it was scary. Praying that the predictions come true by the end or beginning of the year! God bless YOU!

  80. Avatar

    As always you are right on. You are amazing. I’m waiting for another reading to put my mind at ease. Hope I get to talk to you soon Sita.

  81. Avatar

    Tula made me see light where I saw none because of a separation. I was quite happy after speaking with her. I just hope everything comes to pass.

  82. Avatar

    Emma is amazing. So many details she picked up on right away with my situation. I was truly floored with her accuracy and insight. Emma gave me hope and peace about the situation and what’s to come. I can’t wait to check in with her again and hopefully give her an update as to how what she predicted had unfolded in my life. Thank you blessing me today. Many blessings to you.

  83. Avatar

    Always kind, always on target, always amazing. Thank you, MysticTopaz.

  84. Avatar

    She was very on point with her reading.

  85. Avatar

    My sweet sweet Sita…there is no words to describe how gifted and caring this woman is. She is just the best psychic ever. just pick up so incredible details and news are not always good..just like in life it is supposed to be but she is just sooo precise and right on spot. I believe i have tried almost every person here,

  86. Avatar

    Robin is consistently accurate. When she sees it she tells you and when she doesn’t she tells you. I appreciate that.

  87. Avatar

    I really enjoyed my reading with Joan. She is very sweet and i felt like she knew me and i was talking to a good friend. She picked up on the situation I was in quickly and also her predictions came to pass. I will be intouch with her again soon! Thank you Joan!

  88. Avatar

    I’ve been through hell these past two years, and only for the past 7 months have I discovered psychic readings. Through all the $$ I’ve spent, I can say that Alex is worth every penny. He was really spot on and everything came to fruition.

  89. Avatar

    Always positive soooo nice!! Shannon is remarkably good at what she does.

  90. Avatar

    TY Beth.. always kind and warm. You never failed to wow me.

  91. Avatar

    Hey Robin, J did in fact text tonight and like you said though he wanted to see me he’s tired he doesn’t want to drive. We’ll see how he acts tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks 🙂

  92. Avatar

    Thanks for all the little short chats. I am trying so hard to NOT WORRY! But we both know I do. I sometimes can’t believe this is life. I pray hard it will get the way desired soon… VERy soon! Thanks Luke!

  93. Avatar

    I enjoyed talking to you and getting an update on my current situation. I know that I have to move forward and will definitely keep that appoinment. As for the future, i am excited about all the great things that are coming this year. Thank you Luke!

  94. Avatar

    Reading with Brandy is like reading with a friend. She makes you feel comfortable & it allows you to let go all of your nervous energy & turns it Into positivity.

  95. Avatar

    At first, I didn’t think Tula was right but I was wrong!! Thank you for your gift!

  96. Avatar

    Sorry that we’ve got disconnected Chantelle! It was soooo nice talking to you after a long time! ‘Til next time! Wish me luck with him! Haha! 😀

  97. Avatar

    The best! Alex’s insight and guidance are sincerely appreciated. Hugs!

  98. Avatar

    Very psychic and very sweet !!!! Always makes me feel better in a truthful heartfelt way…. many blessings to u, Emma and beloved…ROCKY!!!

  99. Avatar

    I am always thankful for your words, advice, insights and prayers. Sorry that I always get cut off before I could thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Thank you so much for everything, Savanna!

  100. Avatar

    Zylisaa, I never get to say thank you before we get cut off. You are the best on this site. I wish I could talk to you on a daily basis. Anyway, I hope all is well with you and I will be back in touch…

  101. Avatar

    Thanks so much! Angela’s such a wonderful reader!

  102. Avatar

    I felt connected with Alex. All in all I think he’s a very sweet soul and is sincere in trying to help. I will update review to 5 stars if prediction comes to pass.

  103. Avatar

    Shelly, you were right that it wasn’t a permanent relationship with the new guy. I am just not as into him as I originally thought. Thanks a lot, everything that you say just manifested.

  104. Avatar

    Awesome! Thank you Sita.

  105. Avatar

    Robin is one awesome reader. She is accurate and gives plenty of detail.

  106. Avatar

    Thank you SO SO much, for helping me get throw this difficult time. Your helping look at my situation in a whole new light, helping become a stronger person. May not be able to call for a few days. Funds are tight, Lisa’s absolutely amazing.

  107. Avatar

    It’s always a pleasure with Mia. I trust her.

  108. Avatar

    Great from any angle. Georgina can truly be trusted. She did all right.

  109. Avatar

    Sally… thank you. You understood everything in my situation. You have no idea how much you have confirmed for me and I didn’t have to explain!

  110. Avatar

    I love Scarlet. She has dealt with me in all sorts of moods. During this reading I was all over the place because of a funeral. Scarlet, lovely as always, soothes my soul while giving me the lowdown.

  111. Avatar

    Ruby is a spiritual elixir of the first water! Ruby induces all that is beautiful and loving, brings forth all that is kind and good.

  112. Avatar

    Andy is one of my favorite advisors on this site. Even after many months of not speaking he remembered certain things discussed previously right down to names! I always enjoy talking to him.

  113. Avatar

    Sweet Ruby, thank you for the kind words during our reading last night. You remain consistent with what you see with regard to my situation & Chuck. I’ll remain patient as this thing comes to fruition. Ruby, I know that you tell it as you see it. No sugarcoating here folks.

  114. Avatar

    Stella has been one of my go-to advisers. Even tho the man in question doesn’t seem the slightest interested in even talking to me. However I feel him so deeply, that I’ve been living inside this hell-ish place of lonliness and confusion. And through it all she’s seen the same outcome. I hope one day I can come back and update her on the good news should it ever pan out in the manner she predicted.

  115. Avatar

    Thanks Sara, you are such a beautiful spirit filled with good advice and information. God Bless.

  116. Avatar

    Your insight is AMAZING!!!! Without a doubt. Though to me, your kindness and your humility is what makes you the best of all. Thank you, Robin for all that you do and most of all, how you do it. By remembering names and people and pets! And always making me feel as if I am the most important person in the world to you; and at that moment we spend together talking on the phone, I know that I am..

  117. Avatar

    I am in tears right now. Stella remembered me from our first reading and even my zodiac sign. She read what I was feeling without saying a word and described the man in my life as if she knew him, even his zodiac sign. Stella, you said to cut the ties so he can feel it. I will do the cleansing and wait for his response. I’ve jumped back in line so we can finish our reading. The fact that you knew about the trust issue was beyond amazing.

  118. Avatar

    Tula is the best! She was right again with exact dates predicted.

  119. Avatar

    Sabrina really is something else! I usually just like psychic readings and no astrology. But she is absolutely phenomenal. Thank you Sabrina for bringing a better understanding of my future and emotions.

  120. Avatar

    Ricardo is supernaturally gifted. I really feel blessed to have spoken to him. Thank you.

  121. Avatar

    Lola is absolutely awesome. She’s caring and understanding intuitive person. She resonated completely with my situation. I amazingly love her readings. Very talented and gifted psychic.

  122. Avatar

    The best as always! Liza, I’m waiting anxiously. Thank You for always being there for me!!

  123. Avatar

    I have found an angel. I believe I was brought to Donna but a mutual friend who is no longer with us, but is still close by. In my first conversation with Donna, I felt like I knew her and we connected so strongly. She is truly gifted and I am so glad I have found her.

  124. Avatar

    Just a pleasure to talk to, has helped a great deal in regards to my situation, reviews speak for themselves. Katherine is truly gifted!!!!

  125. Avatar

    Sophia, I enjoyed talking to you and getting an update on my current situation. As for the future, i am excited about all the great things that are coming this year.

  126. Avatar

    Ricardo, thanks for the long chat. I love everything that you told me. Thank you for being a genuine person.

  127. Avatar

    Katherine, I have lots to tell you about 2nd seminar and other questions too as usual lol. Thank you.

  128. Avatar

    Luke… Thank you so much for your unwavering insights. I have been in as lot of pain, and you have, once again, shown me a picture much deeper than the surface layers. You are kind and straightforward, and I look forward to that big picture coming to life, once and for all!

  129. Avatar

    The real deal! Sena’s a sweet woman.. Thank you..

  130. Avatar

    This mornings reading with Martha was amazing as usual! Today she has helped me to put permanent closure on an issue that has been haunting me for 14 months, God always sends me to her when I need the honest truth regarding any topic.

  131. Avatar

    Thank you Luke. You’re my light. I couldnt do it without you. Thank you for saving me.

  132. Avatar

    Thanks a lot Sita! You’re the best guide out there. You have no idea how you helped me.

  133. Avatar

    Love ya. I will only be calling you in the future. Thank you so much for your calming words, Molly.

  134. Avatar

    Moria…you were right again. I just knew it was not the right time to ask he was physically and emotionally wore out. I didn’t want to add one more thing onto his plate. I know your prediction of us being at my daughter’s wedding together will happen. I just need guidance on how to approach Darwin with it. I will be calling you again to see if you can give me a best time to spring this on him.

  135. Avatar

    Beth, I hope you read these because you won’t believe what happened yesterday right after we spoke. I checked my e-mail and there was an e-mail from the Tour group I was looking into. How weird is that? I’m going to seriously consider it as they do offer more free time than most. As always, thanks for the chat and I will speak to you soon.

  136. Avatar

    Thanks again Alex, great talking to you!. You’ve put my mind at ease with the Silvia thing because as you know it’s been driving me crazy. Thanks much for that. Will definitely follow your advice and put out something positive. Have yourself a great week/weekend! Many blessings to you 🙂

  137. Avatar

    Amazing lady, Amazing reading… Fingers crossed for the prediction and I’ll be back with the news. Thank you for your beautiful words and soul, Molly.

  138. Avatar

    You are absolutely one of my greatest angels and strength! Amanda, you are the best.

  139. Avatar

    Fabulous, lately Heidi has been coming through for me in a huge way. Everything she says makes complete and total sense. Excellent guidance and grounding friend. Thank you and God Bless you.

  140. Avatar

    Thank you, Ginnie. I know you are always there.

  141. Avatar

    Doris is unreal! I don’t like to leave feedback right away, but seriously folks he is unbelievable. I will be calling back again. What he picks up on is truly amazing.

  142. Avatar

    Thank you Naveah! Still can’t believe I saw Rusty on the road and I am really looking forward to seeing him again next month and experiencing the chemistry you strongly pick up 🙂 I will keep you posted, Naveah!

  143. Avatar

    Katherine’s consistently correct about my job and my personal life!! 🙂

  144. Avatar

    Thank you Ari. I will keep my head up and I will let you know of my progress.

  145. Avatar

    I’m mind blown with this advisor. Dee read my life like a book.

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