Clearing Karma from Your Past Life

People all over the world deal with things such as depression, anxiety, physical problems, headaches, frustration and more. These things are symptoms of chronic stress and anxiety. Sometimes people feel these things just going outside or going to a party or a vacation. Some people feel these things right when they wake up. Once you realize that you have these problems, you have to figure out what ...[Read More]

How to Keep Your 7 Chakras Balanced

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. This is the way that people describe the energy centers in your body. There are seven energy centers inside of the body and they go from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head. Each of the chakras works with a different area in your body and the energy helps to make certain parts of your body strong. These energy wheels help the energy t...[Read More]

Creating a Unique Moon Ritual

The new moon is symbolic of new beginnings which means it is the ideal time in which to set new intentions that you hope for manifestation in the new cycles. You can take advantage of the energy created by the new moon and connect on much deeper levels. For many, this is the most important time when it comes to working within the law of attraction and most self-improvement practices. Utilize the t...[Read More]

Asking an Angel for Help

People have always wanted to believe in angels and some believe in them earnestly. This is why such shows like Touched by An Angel and Highway to Heaven were so popular in their day. Yet, most people don’t know much about angels and how they can help in everyday life. Understanding Angels The first step is to understand how the angel realm is set up and how it functions. It is similar to a m...[Read More]

How to Grow a Magic Garden

You can find a way to grow a magical garden in your home, no matter what kind of space that you have. This is a spiritual practice that you can share, and you can do it on your window sill, in your yard or wherever you are so that you can grow your own magical garden. There are many ways that you can do this, and you do not have to have a certain skill. You can begin growing your garden in a way t...[Read More]

Why Empaths Must Be Cautious

Compassion fatigue occurs when people are constantly exposed to suffering.  When a person expends so much compassion and empathy to people in pain, they become so overwhelmed that they begin to retreat emotionally.  In fact, their compassion can ebb over time and cause complete apathy if self-care isn’t practiced regularly. Empaths face a dark side where the pain of others can become so all consum...[Read More]

The Scariest Trait for Each Zodiac Sign

Not everything is positive in a zodiac sign, but what makes something the scariest trait?  What aspects makes even the oddest attribute inspire fear. Below we have listed what scares others most about your sign: Aries – Overly fixated You are obsessed with having the life your envisioned.  You are the type of person who can get violent if things go wrong, which makes people unsettled.  Although th...[Read More]

What is Shadow Work?

There are parts of your life that you want to keep hidden and that you don’t want to face. Many of these things start to come out when you are on your spiritual journey. When this happens to you, this is called shadow work. There is a complete healing that can take place, but people have to learn to accept their shadow and learn to do shadow work in order to be enlightened. There are different tra...[Read More]

Improve Your Psychic Skills Today

Your psychic skills dovetail with your five physical senses to help you heighten the way you perceive the world around you. Clairaudience: To strengthen your psychic listening you must quiet your surroundings and tap into the ambient environmental noises around you.  Shut off any technological devices and pay attention to what you hear.  Do you noise the winds or birds?  Perhaps water dripping fro...[Read More]

Balance Your Energy and Stay Grounded

Grounding is when we are centered in the balancing energy of Mother Earth. When we are grounded, it recharges us, helps us get balanced, and soothes us. Many even report that after practicing grounding techniques, they have more energy. Others may feel more disciplined, calm, and focused. Some therapists recommend grounding techniques and writing prescriptions to bathe out in nature which is an au...[Read More]

369 Manifestation Method and Its Uses

In the early stages of Law of Attraction work it can be frustrating because you find yourself struggling to manifest or filled with negativity. No matter the obstacle that stands between you and the manifestation, there is one approach that has a proven record, the 3-6-9 method. This is based on the numerology of sacred numbers and the strategy offers a way to turn big dreams into reality. Below i...[Read More]

4 Ways You Know if You Have a Soul Connections

There are times we meet someone and feel an instant connection.  You feel pulled towards them and without any words exchanged, you know they are special to you.  This person can come in many forms from a treasured friend, to a mentor or the love of your life.  Each of these precious relationships are so intense and intimacy you feel forever changed after meeting them. There have been many labels t...[Read More]

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