Clearing Karma from Your Past Life

Clearing Karma from Your Past Life

People all over the world deal with things such as depression, anxiety, physical problems, headaches, frustration and more. These things are symptoms of chronic stress and anxiety. Sometimes people feel these things just going outside or going to a party or a vacation. Some people feel these things right when they wake up.

Once you realize that you have these problems, you have to figure out what is causing it and why.

Wanting to Please Everyone

You might be someone that grew up thinking that you had to please everyone you meet. You may have thought that the only way that you would be accepted was to do what everyone said and what everyone expected out of you.

Trying to be perfect can cause you stress and can be hard. No one is perfect and trying to do the right things and live the perfect life can bring stress that can lead to chronic anxiety.

It is important that you are able to express the issues that you are having and why. You need to be able to tell others about the fears that you have and the idea of being perfect. You must learn to have grace with yourself and learn to find peace and happiness in what you are able to do.

One thing that you can do to get this is to write down your feelings. Do not be angry at others because you might be misinterpreting what they are saying to you and what you feel that you deserve in your life.


The next thing that you need to do is to make sure that you get rid of the idea that you have to be perfect to have approval. No one is perfect and you have to stop putting these demands on yourself.

No one expects you to be perfect and you have to form a different belief system with yourself. You must know that you are valuable even when you aren’t perfect. You can work hard, and you can change your idea of who you should be. Learn to live your life with quality and with value and do not let anxiety take over your life. Learn to live in peace.

Learn to be comfortable with who you are at your job and at your home. You can have a performance drive but when things don’t work out who you want them to, just accept it and learn to allow criticism to be said and to accept it with a loving heart.

Past Life Regression

Some people need to go back to their past life to find out why they are having the feelings that they are having. Maybe they dealt with someone in their past life that demanded them to be perfect. If this is the case, this can be what is holding you back.

Talk to someone that can help you and get rid of old fears. After the regression, you can change your beliefs and reframe your mindset. You can get rid of the idea of perfectionism and move forward.

Rather karma plays a roll in this or not, you have to let your emotional and cognitive mind change and you have to let go of things that causes your mood to shift for the worse. You need to let go of judgments and fear and beliefs that are false ideas. Change the way that you think and the way that you feel.

Your energy is important and if you are emotionally upset or depressed, you need to find out why this is happening. Low self-esteem can be part of the past life situations and you need to find out where your emotional issues come from.

Clearing Karma

You have to get rid of karma that you owe. This is part of the untruths that you will feel in your life. Karma can make you feel that you have no power and that you aren’t worthy. Release your feelings and let your karma be paid back. Let your energy field be strong and new and give you better direction in your souls future.

What kind of mood do you live in? What does this have to do with how you were raised or your past life? Find out the false conclusions that you had to face in your life. Meditate on your moods and your feelings and your past life. See if you are making the best intentions for your life. Your soul is unchanging and needs the truth.