Opening Up the Third Eye

Opening Up the Third Eye

Most people have heard about the third eye and it is part of many different cultures. It is part of your chakra system and is the place where you get your spiritual guidance that you need. The third eye is known as a higher level of consciousness, and it is found in the middle of your forehead.

The third eye is a place where you have visions and where you can see things into the spiritual world. You can get rid of blockages and can cleanse your spiritual energy and this can help your third eye to work better. Sometimes though, the third eye will be blocked or overactive and this can be a problem as well.

What is the Third Eye?

The third eye is seen in different cultures such as the western culture. In this culture, the third eye says that you can see visions and you can use your clair gifts to reach into the spiritual world. Here are other things that the third eye means in different cultures:


The third eye here means that you can reach the Braham. This is a place where you can increase your intuition and get spiritual messages. This is a channel that you can activate to reach your higher level of consciousness and you can do that through meditation. This is considered the sixth chakra.


In Buddhism, the third eye is a place where you can reach your higher conscious being. This is a place where you will avoid suffering and you will find your enlightenment. Buddha’s third eye is meant to be a reminder to stay at peace.


Taoism uses the third eye as a place for the spiritual awakening. You can get into meditation and use the vibrations from the universe to help you to open up this chakra.

Science and the Third Eye

Science has looked into the third eye because it is the place that houses the pineal gland that is located in the brain. This is a gland that allows light receptors to come and regulate the hormones and the sleep that allows people to be healthy. When you sleep, you can use your mental, spiritual and physical being to understand your life.

Science thinks that the chemical DMT has to do with the third eye because it can be secreted when someone is dying or when someone is on a psychoactive drug. This changes the way that someone thinks.

Does Everyone Have a Third Eye?

Everyone has a third eye but not everyone activates theirs. You have to use your intuition to figure out what actions to take to make sure that your third eye is opened.

Opening the Third Eye

It can be dangerous to open up the third eye because it can cause someone to feel overwhelmed or scared of what they see. This will increase and only grow stronger as the intuition gets stronger.

Should You Open Your Third Eye?

You need to decide if you want to open your third eye even though it can cause you problems. When you prepare and you make connections, you will see that reaching your higher self might not be as scary. Of course, reaching a higher place won’t bring you happiness but it will help you to be enlightened.

How to Open the Third Eye

You can open your third eye, but it takes patience. Some people can make it happen fast while others it takes time. Try to meditate a few minutes each day to start and visualize the third eye opening.

By doing this daily, you can create visual energies that open up your spiritual world and help you to connect with a higher place. Try to say positive affirmations and to do yoga as well.

Are There Side Effects of Opening the Third Eye?

Yes. There can be side effects when you go to open your third eye such as:

  • Sinus pressure.
  • Pressure between the eyebrows.
  • Tingling sensations.
  • Headaches.
  • Dull aches.
  • Clarity in visions.
  • Visualizing things.
  • Prophetic images.
  • Changes in your life.

Third Eye Blocks

Sometimes people have blocks in their third eye. You can know these blocks are there if you get distracted easily or if you feel that you have no clear thoughts in your mind.

What Happens After Opening the Third Eye?

Once you open up your third eye you will see that you can see more into the spiritual world. You need to keep meditating and keep working to open all of your chakras. Try to say positive affirmations each day to help you do this.

Closing the Third Eye

Most people wonder if they can close off their third eye once they open it. If it is overactive, you might want to do this so that you don’t become overwhelmed.

Once the third eye is activated, it can be hard to close it. You have to think of it as a door and imagine each day that it is closing. Do this while you are meditating and let the energy stay back. Visualize the door closing to your third eye chakra and notice that you can have peace and calmness.

Final Thoughts

Tune into your third eye and gain the wisdom that you want to have. You can open your world up to a whole new spiritual world that you will learn to understand. If you wonder if you can open your third eye, you can do this. Use your intuition to guide you and to tell you when you should do this.