Asking an Angel for Help

Asking an Angel for Help

People have always wanted to believe in angels and some believe in them earnestly. This is why such shows like Touched by An Angel and Highway to Heaven were so popular in their day. Yet, most people don’t know much about angels and how they can help in everyday life.

Understanding Angels

The first step is to understand how the angel realm is set up and how it functions. It is similar to a military organization in that there is a hierarchy and a chain-of-command with the Creator as the sole and final Word.

There were originally at least three groups of angels, according to Scripture. Those were the warring angels, led by Arch Angel Michael, messenger angels, led by Gabriel, and praise music angels led by Lucifer. Well, that changed when Lucifer fell and took a third of the angels with him.

Each angel has a specific task and that is all they do. For instance, some angels are tasked with praising God. They do it continuously. Others are guardian angels and they are assigned to one person for that person’s lifetime. Then, presumably, they are then assigned to one of the descendants born later.

The warring angels are there to do battle for us and fight the evil fallen angels or principalities that want to hurt us or stall answers to prayer. This is talked about in the Book of Daniel. Daniel prayed but didn’t get an answer for three weeks. The angel then told Daniel he was delayed in coming to help because he had to fight a principality over the region en route to earth.

Sometimes angels can also look like humans. The Bible says to be hospitable to all because you never know when you are entertaining an angel in disguise. This occurred several times in the Old Testament where angels visited people to give information or to get them to safety.

Communicating with Angels

Many psychics specialize in communicating with angels. In their sessions, they would primarily be communicating with guardian angels for wisdom and advice although some also seek answers from archangels or warring angels if there is a battle to be fought or some higher-level information needed.

There are several methods that psychics use to communicate with your angels:

Oracle Angel Cards

These are a form of tarot cards but feature angels as artwork. They are created to specifically point to what an angel is trying to tell you. There are dozens of variations of these types of cards. They are easy to use because all you do is shuffle the deck, pull the cards, and read what they say.


People don’t need cards to speak to their angels but few know how to use the power within themselves to communicate. You can start by meditating on what your angel has to say, ask a question or seek advice. Later on, you may find yourself able to communicate without meditating while doing something else. It’s a relationship that builds.

Keeping the Priorities

It is important to understand an angel’s purpose and duty. An angel’s purpose is to help you. They are subservient to humans. They must do the will of a Holy God so they can’t do anything that isn’t within the will of God.

However, they will do anything they can to help you.

Remember, Scripture warns us not to worship angels. They are creations just as we are and are to serve God, just as we are. Our sole purpose is to worship and serve God, so that must always remain our first priority even in our communications with angels. God must allow us to communicate with them and so we must ask Him for permission for them to help us.

Learning how to communicate and ask your angels for help is a good thing to know. It can help you in gaining wisdom and guidance that will direct your life’s path.