There are No Dark Empaths

No Dark Empaths

A Dark Empath is a person that has the personality of the Dark Triad and has empath traits as well.

What is an Empath?

An empath is a person that is able to understand their feelings and the feelings of others. They are able to know when someone is having a bad day and when something wrong is going on with someone. They pick up the energy of others both positive and negative without being told what is going on.

There are people that are both cognitive and affective empaths and the cognitive empath is one that can see things the way others ee them and affective is when they are able to actually feel the emotions.

What is the Dark Trad?

The Dark Triad is a personality that can be someone that is dark like a psychopath or a narcissist.  This is something that has recently been created as a term. Some people are either empaths or dark triad’s and there are chances that they are psychopathic.

They are able to understand the emotions that other people have but they aren’t affected by them because they want to use their emotions to benefit themselves.

Understanding the Dark Triad Personality

Maybe you are someone that has seen a psychiatrist, or a psychologist and you had problems managing your life. You might feel that you were diagnosed wrongly as a child with ADHD or some other sociopath disorder.

There are people that are even on drugs to help to stabilize their mood and find that this doesn’t change who they are or what they are feeling.

Finding Help

There are no drugs that can help someone that has a Dark Triad personality. This is a time where people have to try and understand their emotions and pull away from them. This means that hey can get the help that they need but they have to figure out that this is what is going on with them first.

Some people like social workers or paramedics have these problems and this can happen because they relate with others but then they have their own mental illness on top of everything else.

It Isn’t All Bad

People with this can get jobs that they apply for, and they can find romance and love. They are often fearless and fight hard but at the same time they can understand their emotions and the emotions of others.

Some believe that there are about 5 to 20% of people that are Dark Empaths and this is normally men with very few being women. This kind of personality can be hard to understand but you can work with these people and learn to see them through their toxic traits.