How to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

Inner Wisdom

People don’t always know what to call their inner voice rather to call it a voice, a guide or even intuition. Whatever you want to call it, the voice inside of you is who you really are. It is where you are real and where you don’t let society control you.

Your intuition is your inner knowledge that comes from more than your mind. It is what tells you what to feel and helps you to know what is right.

Learning to listen to this voice can be hard for someone. Sometimes this is just a whisper, and some do not hear it. They have to listen to what their critical self has to say and so they choose to not listen to the soft voice.

Maybe your voice is telling you to get a new job or to do something creative. You might wonder who you are to even think those things.

Your wisdom might show you something that you dream of, or desire and you might immediately fight back because you don’t believe you are good enough.

Listening to your mind over your intuition is something that often happens. Even though it feels wrong, like you are not being who you are meant to be, it is the right way to go. You may feel that you are alone and that you are not grounded in what you really want or need.

Intuition can help you and give you a calm feeling and peace or it can give you electricity through your body. It can comfort you or help you to not do things you shouldn’t do.

How to Connect

There are ways that you can connect with your intuition and here are some of them:


Take time to journal what you are feeling. Write whatever comes to your mind and embrace it. Access your inner thoughts and let them be part of you.

Try New Things

Figure out how you can strengthen this voice and do it. It doesn’t just happen by thinking but you have to reach deeper.


Find things that can help to make the voice stronger. Let them come to you such as yoga or meditation. Find things that you feel stronger with as you do them.

Be Scared

Do things that you are afraid to do. Don’t let your fear run your life and take over it by listening to your intuition and just doing it.

When you listen to your inner self, you can connect with others, and you can connect with yourself at a deeper level. It is the most real that you are, and it will guide you to have fun and excitement in your life.