Is Your Child Psychic?

Is Your Child Psychic?

Some children are born with different kinds of gifts, and these are children that are called psychic children. While some think that these kids are special, some people get nervous around them because of their abilities that they have. A person that considers themselves to be normal might not be able to understand the child since they are so different in this world.

Knowing if you have a psychic child is something that is fairly easy. You can pick up on the energies that a child has and this can help you to realize if your child is psychic or not.

Signs Your Child Might Be Psychic

Here are some signs that you might have a psychic child:

  • Being afraid of the dark: If you have a child that is fearful of the dark or ones that are uncomfortable when they go to bed, they might be psychic. Sometimes they will prolong the bedtime routine because they are afraid.
  • Sometimes a child will wake up between 3 and 5 in the morning and due to nightmares. This is a time where they say that the veil is thin, and this is when there might be negative activity around. If this happens, try to communicate with your child about their dreams and comfort them.
  • Loving animals: A child that is psychic will have a natural draw to animals. They will attract animals and animals will love them.
  • Overly sensitive: Some children are super sensitive to sounds, feelings and to emotions. When someone walks into the room, a psychic child will be able to know if the person is honest or if they are not.
  • Imaginary friends: One of the biggest signs that your child might be psychic is having imaginary friends. You might think that this child is just making up seeing someone, but the truth is that they might really see a spirit or have a spirit with them.
  • Creative: Psychic children are often seen as very creative and many of them have high I.Q. levels. Some of these kinds of children might draw out of their age group and they might be able to create amazing masterpieces.
  • Past life memories: Some children that are psychic might have memories from their past life. This is something that can cause people to be uneasy or nervous around them. This is a gift that your child can have, and you need to be open to hearing what they have to say.

Understanding Your Psychic Child

If you have a child that is psychic, it can be hard to deal with, especially if you aren’t sure what is going on. The best thing that you can do is to listen to your child and to always be there for them no matter what is going on.

By showing your child that you care, you can help them to be able to face things in their life from their psychic gift to other things that they might not understand. Be a strong parent and support your child in their gifts.