What Does a Butterfly Mean?

What Does a Butterfly Mean?

When we see a butterfly, we are able to see how beautiful they are and how mysterious they are in the colors that they have and how they flutter around. They are a symbol of change and their journey is much like the journey in life that we take, in a spiritual way.

Butterflies change and some are even considered spirit animals because of their wise ways. The butterfly has different symbols and meanings and when you can understand what this lovely creature means, it can help you to embrace change in your own life.

A butterfly is a magical creature and has surprised and excited people all over the world. Even in Greek Mythology, the butterfly is a symbol of the psyche which is the soul. This totem animal is considered a favorite of Eros, the Greek god of love but its intrigue does not stop there. The butterfly has also been a part of Hindu mythology, where the butterfly is meant to be perfection and rebirth.

Some native cultures believe that the butterfly is symbolic for their lives and even the Native Americans believe that the butterfly is there to help them to find answers and the colors and the way that the butterfly changes over time can bring both answers and happiness to people.

In China, the butterfly is considered to be happiness and bliss and in people that are spiritual, the butterfly has been a natural part of their religious believes for many, many years.

Butterflies and Spirit Guides

Some believe that there is a connection between the butterfly and the spirit guides or the angels. Many believe that the butterflies and the angels and guides communicate, and they bring messages to people from the spiritual world back to earth.


The butterfly changes from: egg, caterpillar, cocoon and finally to a butterfly and this is much like the different phases that people go through in life. The change that the butterfly goes through is called metamorphosis and it shows us that even though the butterfly goes through different growing pains and even sometimes losses but the changes that they go through makes them beautiful in the end.

Transformation of a butterfly can be a big change, and this is a growth that they have to make, just like the growth that we have to make, as people. Change happens in our lives and in our spirits and sometimes we have to go through hard pain in order to make changes, but we will always come out beautiful for it.


Faith is something that we gain when we learn to trust the teachings of the butterfly. Once we get through pain and suffering and we make it to the change that we need, we will get what we deserve in our life.

Sometimes the changes that we make come only after we have pain and hurt, and we sometimes feel that the change is a punishment for us. The truth is thought, the change makes us the person that we need to be so that we can experience better things in our life.

We get more luck in our lives when we stop letting bad things and habits keep us from having a good life. We have to change so that we can become blessed and happy.

One lesion that we can learn from the butterfly is that we have to keep our faith through all of the hard parts of change and in the end, we can find our peace.


Dreaming about a butterfly can mean that you are about to go through some change in your life such as your relationships or your career. When you dream about the butterfly often, chances are that you have the butterfly as your spirit animal, and you need to learn to accept that change is there and be okay with it.

When you see the butterfly flow in the air and flutter around the grass, it can mean good news is on its way and you need to write down what has and is happening in in your butterfly dreams so that you can know what you are dreaming is real.

Colors of Butterflies

There are different colors of butterflies and they have different meanings.

White Butterfly

The white butterfly means that someone that you love has went to the spirit world and they have died.

Yellow Butterfly

A yellow butterfly can mean that you need hope and someone to come and guide you. This is a symbol of the ancient times and can mean bad luck or that you can die when you come across one.

Black Butterfly

The black butterfly is a symbol of bad luck or it can mean that someone has lost a loved one recently.

Blue Butterfly

The blue butterfly is rare in most areas and so when you see one it can be good luck. It can also bring happiness and joy to your life.

Butterfly Following You

If you see a butterfly following you, it can mean that you are about to have change in your life. Notice what color it is and see where it fits in your life.

Landing on You

If a black butterfly lands on you, it could mean death or it could mean that you are getting a message from a loved one that has died recently and they want you to know that they are fine.


Butterflies are very beautiful creatures and can be considered magical. They can share their beauty with you and can bring you peace and happiness.

When you see a butterfly, have faith that change is happening and that the change will be good, even if there are struggles along the way. Let life give you magic and no matter what kind of pain you experience, let the struggles lead you to joy and peace.