Balance Your Energy and Stay Grounded

Balance Your Energy and Stay Grounded

Grounding is when we are centered in the balancing energy of Mother Earth. When we are grounded, it recharges us, helps us get balanced, and soothes us. Many even report that after practicing grounding techniques, they have more energy. Others may feel more disciplined, calm, and focused. Some therapists recommend grounding techniques and writing prescriptions to bathe out in nature which is an automatic way to ground yourself. If the medical field is taking these techniques seriously, then you should as well. Just remember that your first experience with grounding may not give any effects, but keep at it and the benefits will be evident.

Contrary to what some believe, you do not have to be in a quiet place to ground yourself. There are many ways to try grounding and you should try several to find what works the best in different situations. Any time you get lost in thoughts or are reacting in a negative manner, try to reground yourself. It is also good to ground yourself if you are practicing meditation or mediumship because this can cause you to feel off balance and affect your every day life. Grounding supports realignment and raises vibration levels so you can go to deeper levels of the psyche.

Grounding Techniques

Whether you are new to grounding or not, try the following to ground yourself and find balance in your life.

  • Appreciate Mother Nature’s energy by looking at nature and having love and gratitude for the energy the Earth offers. This appreciation will serve to ground you.
  • Take on some repetitive task like caring for yourself or something in nature. Things and activities like yard work, gardening, folding clothes, sweeping, watering the lawn, or doing the dishes are wonderful options.
  • Take a walk or stroll and meditate as you enjoy the outdoor environment.
  • Visualize the Earth’s energy rising up and hugging you in all its glory. See this love and care in your heart, resting and grounding you.
  • Sit with or near grounding forces like rocks or tress, anything that is physically grounded to the earth naturally. This will help you absorb their energy as well.
  • Ask your spirit guides and angels to help you become grounded.
  • Use your voice to say aloud that you are grounded and instruct the magnetic and electric components of the universe and your grounding cord to be turned on. This will sync you with the telluric currents already existing in the Earth.
  • Take time to work with an energy healer or even a psychic to help you become grounded or offer suggestions that would help you become grounded. They may also offer additional ways to ground yourself.

Remember, the more often you ground yourself, the easier it happens and the more natural it feels. While you should be consistent, never fear trying new methods to find multiple ways that work for you.