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There are No Dark Empaths

A Dark Empath is a person that has the personality of the Dark Triad and has empath traits as well. What is an Empath? An empath is a person that is able to understand their feelings and the feelings of others. They are able to know when someone is having a bad day and when something wrong is going on with someone. They pick up the energy of others both positive and negative without being told wha...[Read More]

Developing Empath Gifts

Empaths are people that have strong feelings, and they are able to understand people easily. Empaths use their gifts and their intuition to guide them. Are You an Empath? As you grow and learn who you are, you might find you are an empath. You cannot change this. Empaths are who they are and this is part of your nature and life. Once you accept that you are an empath you can use your gifts to help...[Read More]

Is Your Child Psychic?

Some children are born with different kinds of gifts, and these are children that are called psychic children. While some think that these kids are special, some people get nervous around them because of their abilities that they have. A person that considers themselves to be normal might not be able to understand the child since they are so different in this world. Knowing if you have a psychic c...[Read More]

Things You Need to Start Doing for Yourself

There are things that you need to do for yourself. You need to learn to be positive and to do things that make your life better. Here are some things to start doing for you! Spend time with good people that love and appreciate you. Find people that will encourage you and live a happy life. Face your problems. Stop hiding from them because they will not disappear even if you do. Do what you can to ...[Read More]

How to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

People don’t always know what to call their inner voice rather to call it a voice, a guide or even intuition. Whatever you want to call it, the voice inside of you is who you really are. It is where you are real and where you don’t let society control you. Your intuition is your inner knowledge that comes from more than your mind. It is what tells you what to feel and helps you to know what is rig...[Read More]

Animals That Deliver Messages in Your Life

Animals are an important part of our everyday lives and many of us have had pets while others see animals in nature. Animals teach us things and they show us how to love each other. They teach us who we should be and how we should love. Animals are sensitive and they are living creatures that expect us to love and respect them. Even in ancient times, animals were considered important, and they wou...[Read More]

Clearing Karma from Your Past Life

People all over the world deal with things such as depression, anxiety, physical problems, headaches, frustration and more. These things are symptoms of chronic stress and anxiety. Sometimes people feel these things just going outside or going to a party or a vacation. Some people feel these things right when they wake up. Once you realize that you have these problems, you have to figure out what ...[Read More]

How to Keep Your 7 Chakras Balanced

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. This is the way that people describe the energy centers in your body. There are seven energy centers inside of the body and they go from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head. Each of the chakras works with a different area in your body and the energy helps to make certain parts of your body strong. These energy wheels help the energy t...[Read More]

Creating a Unique Moon Ritual

The new moon is symbolic of new beginnings which means it is the ideal time in which to set new intentions that you hope for manifestation in the new cycles. You can take advantage of the energy created by the new moon and connect on much deeper levels. For many, this is the most important time when it comes to working within the law of attraction and most self-improvement practices. Utilize the t...[Read More]

Asking an Angel for Help

People have always wanted to believe in angels and some believe in them earnestly. This is why such shows like Touched by An Angel and Highway to Heaven were so popular in their day. Yet, most people don’t know much about angels and how they can help in everyday life. Understanding Angels The first step is to understand how the angel realm is set up and how it functions. It is similar to a m...[Read More]

How to Grow a Magic Garden

You can find a way to grow a magical garden in your home, no matter what kind of space that you have. This is a spiritual practice that you can share, and you can do it on your window sill, in your yard or wherever you are so that you can grow your own magical garden. There are many ways that you can do this, and you do not have to have a certain skill. You can begin growing your garden in a way t...[Read More]

Why Empaths Must Be Cautious

Compassion fatigue occurs when people are constantly exposed to suffering.  When a person expends so much compassion and empathy to people in pain, they become so overwhelmed that they begin to retreat emotionally.  In fact, their compassion can ebb over time and cause complete apathy if self-care isn’t practiced regularly. Empaths face a dark side where the pain of others can become so all consum...[Read More]