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What Does a Butterfly Mean?

When we see a butterfly, we are able to see how beautiful they are and how mysterious they are in the colors that they have and how they flutter around. They are a symbol of change and their journey is much like the journey in life that we take, in a spiritual way. Butterflies change and some are even considered spirit animals because of their wise ways. The butterfly has different symbols and mea...[Read More]

How to Tell if You Are Claircognizant

Are you the type of person that instinctually “knows” something?  For example, when you interact with a stranger you are can read their thoughts or feelings without any verbal cue.  Perhaps you can instantly know a key component of a person’s life upon first meeting them.  Then you may be claircognizant, a powerful, yet woefully seldom discussed psychic ability involving an intense and persistent ...[Read More]

Using Intuition for Decision Making

If you are feeling stuck or cannot make a decision on which life path to take or are contemplating a big change in life, then the universe has equipped you with all the tools you need to help. In fact, there is just one tool that will get you through, your intuition. What is Intuition? Intuition is that gut feeling or sudden inspiration that we often get. It is as if the perfect answer pops into o...[Read More]

Do You Have Bad Luck?

Bad luck is hard to deal with especially when it seems that you are the only person that is experiencing it.  Some people think that bad luck comes in three while others think that this theory is wrong.  There have been times when people have experienced one thing of bad luck or maybe even two.  Thinking that there will be a third is negative thinking. You might lose your phone and then get a larg...[Read More]

Angels and What Angel Light Colors Mean

Have you ever seen an inexplicable flash of light, or felt a comforting divine presence? It could have been an Angel! Angels do not have physical bodies, and they never have. They haven’t been human before, so they frequently don’t appear in a defined human shape. In fact, Angels are not bound by our concepts of shape. So, Angel sightings vary greatly. Angels are entities composed of light e...[Read More]

Activating Your Spiritual Abilities

Everyone has some abilities and we can take them and use them or lose them.  The kinds of choices that we make can cause us to lose our abilities or help us to gain our abilities.  This is the same process.  Our abilities, like other things, get better as we exercise them. We all have special things in our bodies that teaches our body what to do.  When we have spiritual abilities, we are born, and...[Read More]

Raise Your Vibration Today

There have been countless tales of how when a person thinks about a particular item or desire it suddenly comes to pass.  But the stories often fail to mention why these outcomes occur.  People exists not just on a physical level, but an energetic one as well.  Life is essentially one big energetic soup that provides us all sustenance. Our thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all ingredients ...[Read More]

Checking Your Psychic Personality

It can also be talked about as the sixth sense.  Having ESP is part of telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis and precognition and is part of the power that lies in your mind. How to Measure ESP There are different ways that you can measure if you have ESP and there are some perceptions that were getting information from somewhere other than the physical five sense.  Here are the different types o...[Read More]

An Explanation of Cosmic Ordering

Cosmic ordering is when you start thinking of something and it occurs or you expect a certain outcome, often things going wrong, and they do. Mainstream science is starting to accept cosmic ordering, but it is still pretty misunderstood. What if we were able to channel this power and control our futures? This would be truly life changing. Cosmic Ordering Defined The premise of cosmic ordering is b...[Read More]

Are Psychic Predictions Able to Be Changed?

Psychics and tarot readings have been fascinating people for generations.  Our current era is no exception.  Psychics as well as their many talents and ways of communicating with the spirit world have been frequently depicted in popular culture.  As a result, many viewers feel compelled to learn more about spirituality and what it might be like to get a psychic reading.  We hope the following arti...[Read More]

How you can locate a lost object using your psychic skills

If you frequently lose things, this article is written specifically for you.  Regardless of whether you forget fast, we’re going to inform you how you can use your psychic skills to locate a lost object. Now, we have to make something clear, these methods will only work if you have some psychic intuition, it’s not something that everybody can do.  You need to possess psychic abilities before you t...[Read More]

Using numerology to find your guardian angel

If you have every wanted to find your guardian angel, you can find it by using numerology.  Psychics are often asked if they are being watched over by an angel or other spirit guide. Some have found it easy to call on angels by using numerology. According to numerology, both Angel and Human have a 21/3.  This means that they are equally healing and powerful. The difference comes from the ways that...[Read More]