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10 Methods of Spiritual Grounding

Grounding is an excellent way to improve your energy or spirituality.  A lack of grounding is much like a leaf floating endlessly in the air.  When you learn how to ground yourself, you create a solid foundation that help you weather any storm in your life.  Spiritual grounding connects your body with the earth and facilitates physical and emotional balance and strength.  It helps ensure you remai...[Read More]

Knowing About Nymphs

If you don’t know what a nymph is, now is your chance to find out. You probably have seen them in paintings or read about them in books. A nymph has different personalities and characteristics that decide their behaviors. Genesis of Nymphs Nymphs have been found in Greek mythology and are known to be small gods. The nymph in these times was a female that had reached puberty and when there is more ...[Read More]

Interpreting Dreams about Dead Relatives

Everyone has dreams but not everyone remembers them or know what they mean. Most people do not realize that when they dream about someone that has died, they should take the dream as serious and some people just think it is just a regular dream. There is a strong bond between you and someone that was in your family or a close friend. This can mean that they are trying to contact you if you dream a...[Read More]

Mantras When You Feel Hopeless

Everyone has been frustrated with their life and sometimes this leads to having bad moods or stress. It can be hard to pull yourself out of a bad mood once one starts. It is easy to begin to feel stressed or hopeless. If you have an attitude that is hard and you are struggling, you need to begin to think more positive. Positive thinking can help you to boost your mental health. Even just saying so...[Read More]

How to Handle a Spiritual Awakening

Your spiritual journey will always continue with your spiritual awakening. This will be a time where you are able to get rid of traumatic things in your life and experience something new. This will be a time where you can connect with your spirit guides and learn to live your life in comfort. Ways to Set Up Spiritual Awakening The first thing you can do to prepare for your spiritual awakening is t...[Read More]

Divine Timing in Relationships of the Soul

Divine timing is indicative of something positive happening as part of your divine plan. This means that there is a greater purpose working in your life and it originated from the universe or the divine. So many people are most curious what the universe has in store as far as timing for their soulmate. Some people are just struggling with a soulmate and want to no when the problems will end. They ...[Read More]

Spirit Guide

If you want to know that your spiritual guide is around or you need validation, you can pay attention to what is going on around you and know if your guides are in your life. Name One of your guides will possibly come to you and want to have a personal relationship with you and communicate with you. Maybe you have seen something that was a strange manifestation and you did not know what it was abo...[Read More]

Date an Old Soul

There is always something weirdly sexy about someone with a unique perspective about the world. Old souls can find beauty where others see total chaos. Dating an old soul is possibly one of the best experiences you can have. They focus on things that really matter, hone in on your needs, and take nothing for granted. Below is a list of why old souls are the best. Rather Cuddle Than Party Old souls...[Read More]

How a Love Psychic Can Help You

There are many benefits of seeing a love psychic. This can help you to figure out your relationship and to find love. Many people are weary of psychics and even though they are known for helping people, people are still skeptical. Some people look for psychics to help them figure out their relationship problems. Maybe they have lost feelings, or they do not know what the future holds, and a psychi...[Read More]

What Does a Butterfly Mean?

When we see a butterfly, we are able to see how beautiful they are and how mysterious they are in the colors that they have and how they flutter around. They are a symbol of change and their journey is much like the journey in life that we take, in a spiritual way. Butterflies change and some are even considered spirit animals because of their wise ways. The butterfly has different symbols and mea...[Read More]

How to Tell if You Are Claircognizant

Are you the type of person that instinctually “knows” something?  For example, when you interact with a stranger you are can read their thoughts or feelings without any verbal cue.  Perhaps you can instantly know a key component of a person’s life upon first meeting them.  Then you may be claircognizant, a powerful, yet woefully seldom discussed psychic ability involving an intense and persistent ...[Read More]

Using Intuition for Decision Making

If you are feeling stuck or cannot make a decision on which life path to take or are contemplating a big change in life, then the universe has equipped you with all the tools you need to help. In fact, there is just one tool that will get you through, your intuition. What is Intuition? Intuition is that gut feeling or sudden inspiration that we often get. It is as if the perfect answer pops into o...[Read More]