What Does it Mean if You Have a Goat Sighting?

Goat Sighting

A goat can have a good sign and means positivity, intelligence, and good energy. If you come across a goat in your dreams, this can mean that you need to change the way that you are thinking and move to another level in your life.

If you live in the city or the country, you will see more goats depending on where you live. Even if you have never seen a goat though, you can ask the goat energy to come to you and help you to make better decisions.


Goats are mammals that are similar to the sheep. There are some differences between them such as a goat being smarter and being able to digest different foods and things such as poison. Some wild goats are often seen but there are also goats that work in the agricultural business and that are domesticated or kept as pets.

When you see a goat in your life or in your dreams, you need to pay attention to what kind of goat it is. Find out if the goat is a wild goat or a pet.

Goats are stubborn sometimes and do their own thing while the sheep will do whatever it is led to do. This happens because they are different. When you are with someone that you butt heads with, this is the practice of the goat because when they don’t agree, they butt heads.

Some research’s shows that goats and humans can develop a strong bond with each other, and they will be part of their life.

Goats are also similar to other animals such as deer or elk, but they are still different. The spirit of the goat can be in your dreams and if so, you should write about it in your journal and your experiences.


The goat has different traits such as being sure-footed, confident, patient, and curious. We sometimes need these kinds of energy and so we can call on the goat energy when we meditate to help us. Sometimes we need to concentrate, and we can ask the goat to be our spirit animal and to tap into their energy.

If you want to connect with the spirit of the goat, the energy can come to you and help you. This can show you where you need to set boundaries and where you need to stand your ground or walk away.

Tarot and Astrology

The Capricorn is a sign of the goat and this is a sea goat. This is someone that wants to do the best, make the best money and to be on top of the world. They have strong personalities and anyone that is the sign of the Capricorn will probably be a leader and do things on their own.

The Tarot card is represented by the Devil and represents the goat. This is a bondage that people have and when they draw the Devil card it can indicated that they are held back by a lover or by some kind of debt. This can also just mean that you have something that you have to be responsible for such as a business or investing in something like a new home.

In Chinese Astrology, the Year of the Goat is under these five things:

  • A strong person with a soft inside.
  • Someone who is carefree and loving.
  • Someone that is sociable.
  • Someone that is popular and puts themselves first.
  • A practical person.

Spirit Guide

If you are in a career that you are questioning, look at your totem or spirit animal. See if you have the goat and if so, you will see that the goat is very focused and will go all the way to the top to get what it wants.

When you need to call on the energy of the goat, make sure you know that the goat is patient and successful but in time. The goat’s energy can help you to be more determined.


The goats and the horns are part of mythology and the Satyrs are half goat and half man. Zeus was even associated with Amalthea who was a goat which gave plenty.

The Chinese believe in the yin and yang and this is goat energy and can bring peace and harmony. Thunder, the Norse God believed in a goat to win the battle.

There is a strong connection between goats, fertility, health, peace, and happiness. When you need to have positive traits, you can call upon the goat to come to you and then you can borrow from the goat.

Have you spotted a goat? Make sure to write down what it meant to you.