An Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude

Are you always thankful for what you have?

During the holiday season gratitude usually takes center stage. It is during this time that people tend to return favors by being thankful to family, friends and spreading kindness as seen on different social media platforms or even face to face.

The quality of the word is less since there is more to gratitude. It’s “the feeling of appreciation” we feel or show. The study of the emotional effect of gratitude in psychology according to Wikipedia began around the year 2000. more psychological attention was paid to understanding distress than on the positive emotions of gratitude during the ancient days.

During the holiday season, we sympathize with people who are in difficult situations. It’s a time when individuals pay much attention to the negatives rather than the positives.

An Attitude of GratitudeWe should also pay attention to the feeling behind the gratitude and what it points to in our lives and not only the attitude of gratitude. I have always learned from the channeled teachings from the power of 10 to be thankful for all that I possess. There will be more manifestations if you are thankful for what you have on a daily basis.

You have the power to choose how you will feel this season, that is the only way to stay centered during this period. You can choose to be thankful every day when you wake up for the chance of another adventure or you can as well tell a story of how you have nothing to be thankful for.

When the day isn’t going on well, I usually do away with the negative thoughts and just be grateful for everything that I have. During this process of thanksgiving, you will find yourself giving back to the society and also being thankful for what your family and friends have as well. Remember to always be thankful for everything that you have, the roof over your head, the air you’re breathing, the water you’re drinking and the power to choose how you feel on a typical day.

I am thankful for my clients and the chance to explore the many possibilities of fulfilling their heart desires.

 I wish everybody a peaceful, joyful and wonderful Holiday Season. With love and thanksgiving!