An Explanation of Cosmic Ordering

An Explanation of Cosmic Ordering

Cosmic ordering is when you start thinking of something and it occurs or you expect a certain outcome, often things going wrong, and they do. Mainstream science is starting to accept cosmic ordering, but it is still pretty misunderstood. What if we were able to channel this power and control our futures? This would be truly life changing.

Cosmic Ordering Defined

The premise of cosmic ordering is basically that you can have everything you want in life as given by the universe. This is accomplished by placing an order with or into the universe and simply waiting for it to manifest. This happens in an energy field which is referred to as a quantum field or a field of intent. This is an invisible dimension in which the universe and our spirit connects then returns personal desires. This is becoming an active spiritual practice that is gaining popularity.

Making It Work

Linking to the quantum field requires intention with a combination of faith and desire. The goal is to create a new or unique situation for yourself. When used properly, the spirit and field connect to grant an answer. A crucial aspect is feeling like you deserve what you are requesting, if not then the desire will not be granted. If you do not feel worthy, it cannot be manifested.

Make the Request

There are various ways to send out your request. This can be something like visiting a sacred location, carrying artefacts related to the request, or even wear different outfits. Some believe that any setting will work if it feels right to you. However, it seems to work best when somewhere quiet where you can writ out the request, then let focus, power, and intent take charge.


If cosmic ordering works, then we must be careful not to self-sabotage. If we think negatively about ourselves then a negative order can be fulfilled if the intention is right. If you have intention and belief then good or bad the cosmic ordering can happen. This means we must carefully use the ability for the good of all for positive outcomes in life.

Getting Started

When you are ready, choose a goal. When choosing this desire, make sure you both believe and deserve it. Sit in a quiet place to write out the goal and repeat it to yourself in your mind’s eye. Imagine what you will feel when the desire comes to pass while staying in the zone of this desire. Repeat this process in the same way each day until you notice changes. Though it could be sudden or take time, changes will be seen.