Angels and What Angel Light Colors Mean

Angels and What Angel Light Colors Mean

Have you ever seen an inexplicable flash of light, or felt a comforting divine presence? It could have been an Angel!

Angels do not have physical bodies, and they never have. They haven’t been human before, so they frequently don’t appear in a defined human shape. In fact, Angels are not bound by our concepts of shape. So, Angel sightings vary greatly.

Angels are entities composed of light energy, appear to us as light. This light can be large, general flashes; streaks of different lengths or sizes; or orbs that zip past. They can also look like large, undefined masses of light energy.

Many people experience Angel visitations as visions in front of their eyes. But Angels can also appear in dreams and in contemplation or meditation to convey messages to you.

Often, Angels use light to appear. Most commonly, the light appears white, the color of all energy—or, as some people call it, the pure divine light source. But Angels are capable of appearing to people using colors, and they often do.

When an Angel appears as a color other than white, the color can symbolize what it’s here to help with. The colors symbolize the role they have in your life story, and the message the Angel is delivering to you.

The color may also be scientific, and relate to wavelength. Metaphysically, they’re referred to as different vibrations. Angels with higher vibration exist at colors of higher light frequency. For example, Angels higher in command would appear to us as shades of the color blue.

Here are the most common colors of light in which Angels appear, and what the colors symbolize.

  • Red

Angels use red light to signify fire, strength, and rising physical energy. Red also symbolizes independence, purpose, self-sufficiency, groundedness, rootedness, and a connection with the earth.

  • Orange

Orange Angel light symbolizes abundance, connection, creativity, passion, pride, relationships with others, sexuality, and well-being.

  • Yellow

Yellow light is a sign of Angels involved with feelings of self-confidence, self-esteem, self-power, and self-worth. Yellow also symbolizes the stimulation and support of intellectual pursuits. When the yellow light appears more golden, aspects of healing and protection are involved as well.

  • Green

Angels who use green light often govern other Angels who are called to work as healers, guardians, and healing guides.

Angels also use green light to symbolize general healing vibrations, nature, the heart, joy, love, inner peace, and feelings of comfort. The vibration of green light promotes balance and good health.

  • Blue

Blue is the color of the throat chakra, so it’s not surprising that Angels with blue light represent clear communication and expression. Blue also symbolizes spiritual assistance, intuition, and protection via firm boundaries.

  • Indigo

Indigo relates to forgiveness, which represents one of the highest levels of spiritual enlightenment.

Indigo is also the color used by Angels that govern inner wisdom and knowledge. Indigo represents imagination, majesty, and an ability to think clearly and made sound decisions.

  • Violet

Angels use violet light to symbolize divinity and spiritual bliss. Violet light also represents a connection to everything, but especially to inner and outer beauty.

Blending, Merging, and Shades of Color

Angelic colors can and do blend and merge together. With merged colors, properties of each Angelic frequency mix together to create a new frequency of healing energy.  For example, red can merge with orange to form a warm desert hue.

Pastel shades of the colors are the primary colors mixed with white light, which symbolizes a higher frequency of energy blending together with the Angelic.

Angels can and often do appear together, which blends and merges their energies. This is normal and can be quite powerful.

Colors While Meditating

Some Angels only appear as colored light. So, if you see colors when you close your eyes while meditating, it could symbolize which kind of Angel is appearing to you in visualizations and guiding you. Now that you know which colors the Angels relate to, you can discern what the lights mean when you see them while meditating.

You can attract Angels and their related energies by wearing clothing or using crystals of the related colors.

If you don’t see an Angel in the ways outlined above, it’s because Angels’ appearances differ depending on things like the type of Angel, the ambient atmospheric conditions, the wavelength of the energy with which they are traveling, and the type of energy that they are sending to you. So be flexible when looking for them to appear to you. An Angel known to appear to you as yellow may appear at times with a bit of another color mixed in. This is totally normal. They can appear in any color or combination.

Why Angels Appear

When an Angel appears, it may simply be making its presence known, saying hello, identifying who it is, and how it wishes to assist you.

Each color of Angelic light also matches chakra colors. If an Angel appears in a chakra color, it may have come to help you with an issue related to that chakra and the corresponding color.

The Next Steps

When you see Angel colors while you meditate, ask which Angel it is. You’ll usually receive at least a name. This is the best way to identify an Angel as it continues to visit you.

Another method for working with Angels is to focus on a specific area of your life you want to improve. If you’d like to attract abundance, for example, call forth the Angels of abundance. Then bask in their vibrations and light as you set about your work to achieve it.

One final note: when seeking anything from the Angelic realm, be specific about what it is that you want. Usually, the Angles will provide you with the intuitive information you need to take the next steps.