Interpreting Dreams about Dead Relatives

Interpreting Dreams about Dead Relatives

Everyone has dreams but not everyone remembers them or know what they mean. Most people do not realize that when they dream about someone that has died, they should take the dream as serious and some people just think it is just a regular dream.

There is a strong bond between you and someone that was in your family or a close friend. This can mean that they are trying to contact you if you dream about them.

There are some reasons why someone would want to communicate with you after they die and when you learn to interpret and understand your dreams, you will find out things you didn’t know about the person that has passed on.

How Often

You might have dreams that are just regular dream and sometimes you might even have dreams because you are sad or feel bad that your relative died. This can cause you to have dreams about them. Maybe you feel guilty for not spending enough time with them before they died.

Your subconscious mind will help you try to cope with the guilt by allowing you to dream about them and this can bring about many emotions.

Even though these kinds of dreams can happen, know that there are times where your relative is trying to contact you. If you keep having a dream about your dead relative, chances are they want to speak to you.

Dead relatives will contact you and or a friend because they trust you and they want to reach out to you. They will not contact you just to say hello and there has to be a strong bond between you and your relative for them to reach out to you.

Why This Dream?

Do you think it would be easier for your relative to contact you when you were awake? The truth is when you are awake the mind can be different and less open.

Since you have senses, the spirits need to have your attention and they cannot when your mind is not open, and you are depending on your senses. When your mind is dreaming, it is easier for your guides to reach you.

Here are some messages that your relative could be trying to give you after they die:

  • Asking for help to get to the afterlife.
  • Needing to repay a debt.
  • Wanting revenge on someone that hurt them.
  • Trying to help you.

The only way that some of your dead relatives can contact you is when you dream. Some family members that die of natural causes will probably not come to you because they have had more time to prepare for their life and their death.

Those that will contact you are usually ones that have died a painful or unprepared death. This can mean something is not right. They will come back to help you or to get help on their spiritual journey and they will come to try to help you reach your dreams and wishes.

If you have had dreams of your relative and they keep happening, be open minded and allow the spirit to communicate with you. If you need help, ask a psychic to guide you and to help you.