Types of psychic gifts

Types of psychic gifts

This is one of the best gifts one can possess. It gives one the ability to foresee the future and insights of the past. Most psychics are born with this talent, only to discover it at a later stage.

Depending on the individual, psychic abilities can be a blessing or a curse. Getting to know things and being very sensitive allow s a psychic be of much help to self and to others. These, when not understood could be disastrous again.

The gifts exist in many forms and one has to sharpen them in order to make full use of them. Most people born with thee gifts do not understand their ability.

These gifts exist in many forms and one may have one or more. The sharper a psychic is the higher their chances of tapping other gifts. Psychics are the more gifted ones. They are able to determine the metaphysical and physical state of reality. Others are able to move through space and time by channeling their minds or via the astral projection technique.

There exist three main types of gifts:

  • Clairvoyance- has to do with the ability of one to see things that are yet to happen or that have already occurred. They have a clear view of the future.
  • Clairaudience- these ones have the ability to hear future conversations and also listen to the spirit guides
  • Clairsentience- these ones have knowledge of what is to come and sometimes combine abilities of clairvoyance and clairaudience. They are able to use their mind to sense.

Others include:

  • Aura Readers- every single object around has some sort of energy layer around it. The layers have different colors depending on the energy level of the individual. People with this ability detect energy for others and help direct them on the right path.
  • Apportation- very special gifts. It is able to move stuff from one place to another and bring things into existence
  • Auto- writing- usually guided by the spirits to write down possibilities of future occurrences. one has to set their mind free for this type of writing to occur
  • Astral projections- it’s a state where the soul gets separated from the body, then it travels  and discovers different realities
  • Multi-location- sometimes referred to as bio location. People with this gift can be in multiple places at the same time. Physically they will be present in one place but their mind would be in another place.
  • Death visions- most people have this gift but unaware. The spirits usually alert us of impending danger to loved ones so that we can help them avoid them.
  • Divination- it comes alongside other gifts. It involves the use of tarot cards and a lot of other tools to help connect to other realms, usually involving rituals
  • Dowsing- it is the ability to find stuff, using a dowsing rod to determine the direction of the vibration
  • Healing by faith- in regions like China and Africa, a person is able to determine and cure a sickness without the use of medical knowledge or tools.
  • Levitation-ability to lift your body of the ground witnessed among the Buddhists, monks or Yogis. They free their minds and focus the energy in lifting their bodies
  • Mediumship-mediums are able to channel people who have passed on. They are able to communicate and pass messages to the dead.
  • Precognition- these people see only a sneak peek into the future since they are not fully aware of their talent. It happens through dreams and visions
  • A psychic surgery-very rare talent. A psychic performs surgery, but without the use of surgical tools. They make a small incision and metaphysically heal the sick individual.
  • Psychoscopy- at times referred to as psychometric. They use one’s belongings to channel some information and comes in handy when trying to trace something lost or missing
  • Prysokinesis –manipulation of fire at one’s own will by use of their chakras or energy.
  • Remote viewing-almost similar to clairvoyance, they can see things thousands of miles away. They use the third eye and sixth sense to widen their scope.
  • Scrying-uses a scrying crystal to look for someone or something. Was used in Egypt and Greece in the old days
  • Telepathy-ability to talk to one another without the use of words, irrespective of physical locations. Everybody has some aspect of telepathy within them. Once our minds tuned to the same frequencies, communication is possible even if they are far apart. Others are so good at this, they can read other peoples minds.
  • Telekinesis-ability to relocate things by use of your mind. Some are born with this talent while some develop it as they grow through meditation.

There exist very many types of psychics and some do have multiple gifts. It’s a life path that is very difficult but also rewarding. It makes us able to help others and also ourselves.