Spirit Guide

Spirit Guide

If you want to know that your spiritual guide is around or you need validation, you can pay attention to what is going on around you and know if your guides are in your life.


One of your guides will possibly come to you and want to have a personal relationship with you and communicate with you. Maybe you have seen something that was a strange manifestation and you did not know what it was about but you noticed after you meditated that you decided to call on your spirit guide. Maybe you know your spirit guides name and when you call out to them you get something in the mail with their name or see their name on a billboard. This can happen to validate their name.


If you have ringing in your ears, it can be a strong feeling that comes with it. This can be followed by things such as good emotions, happiness, love or even compassion for others. Maybe you have not yet recognized it but pay attention to when the ringing in your ears happens and what you are feeling.

Experiencing this can be a strong moment for you and it can happen when you hear a story about a child that needs money raised or when you know that you need to help someone. Ringing in your ears can be a sign that your spiritual guide is trying to reach you and validate you.

You should never be upset about the ringing and it should not be unpleasant. If you experience this and find it to be hurtful or unpleasant then you need to get medical advice.


Seeing light flashing out of the corner of your eye can be your spiritual guide trying to reach you. This is sometimes called an orb and can be light that travels around you in your space.

If you are meditating and you see this light and it is there long enough for you to know it is there, chances are that your spirit guide is trying to support you and show you they are there. Once again, if this is intrusive, seek medical attention.

Repeating 3’s

When you are talking to your spirit guide, you might notice that there are things that come in sets of threes. This can be numbers or even objects. Maybe you saw three cardinals or looked at your clock and it was 3:33.

This can become more aware when you pay attention to your surroundings. Notice what is happening when you see these repeating things and see if it affects you in your spirit or emotions.


One sign that your spiritual guide is near you is that you feel that someone is with you. Maybe you will have a strong sensation, or you will feel like someone walks in the room.

Your spiritual guide wants to be with you and help you and they want to be useful. When you feel that you are being guided, you can feel this through your energy. This can help you to solve problems and to impress you to do better things.


When you have seen your spiritual awakening, you can ask your spirit guide to help you. They will want to mentor you and test your limits.

Your guides will come in the form of temptation and will help you to figure out if things are right or wrong. They want to see how you will react and this will help to mentor you in your life.

Maybe you see things in your dream, and they want you to evolve and to be tutored. This is a time where you can figure out what is going in your life and learn how to accept yourself and others.

When your spirit guide is there to teach you a lesson, you will learn to manifest the situations and to solve problems in healthy ways. This can be in dreams where you can learn how to act and behave.

None of the situations that you experience with your spirit guide should be upsetting. This is a blessing that you have been given and when your vibrational frequency is high, you can tune into your spiritual guides.

Your spirit guides want to help you and to take care of you and teach you things that can make your life better.