Highly Spiritual People and Rituals They Follow

Spiritual People and Rituals They Follow

People that are highly spiritual tend to have different habits than other people. This doesn’t mean if you don’t have these habits that you aren’t spiritual because everyone is different, these are just some tools that you can use to help you have more peace and love in your life.

Get Up Early

Some people have a hard time getting up early but if you are very spiritual, you might decide to get up early and meditate. This can create a calm before everyone else in your family gets out of bed and your day starts.

When you do this, you can find that you will feel calmer and that you will feel centered in your soul. Let the quietness fill you with answers and let your intuition flow.


When you are having hard things happen to your life, learn to be thankful anyways. Do not let your ego hold you back. When things are hard and you have to be thankful, this is a time to grow and to learn.

Once you learn to be thankful in the good and bad, you will feel blessed in your life.


Forgive those that have hurt you, even if they do not admit that they are the cause. Do not let your feelings or your hurt hold you back. Learn to connect positively with others and in your pain, forgive anyways.

Forgive them no matter what they have done. It doesn’t mean you have to spend time with them, it just means you can be free of the pain of unforgiveness.

Negative Energies

Get rid of negative energies in your life and in your environment. You can do this by meditating, using essential oils, cutting negative cords, using crystals or more. Fill yourself with love and protection when you meditate.

Check to see if you are being positive and if you are seeing the white light. Let your intuition guide you.


Once you meditate, always ask your guides to protect you. Your day can be filled with hard things and when you are meditating, you need to always ask your guides to be there for you.

Imagine that a shield is closing in on you to keep all of the negative things out of your life. Once you put up your protection shield, it will create a boundary to keep negativity out.

Never leave your home without knowing that you are being protected and that you are being safe from the world around you.

Get Guidance

If you need guidance, turn to someone that can help you. Seek out a friend that is spiritual or use tools such as Tarot cards or oracle cards.

Spend more time talking to people that you love and become wise.


Read journals and articles on spirituality and allow good things to flow through your mind. Learn new things each day and be inspired by what you read.

Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

Take time to eat healthy and to exercise. Put on essential oils and take salt baths. Exercise and go outside in nature. Nourish your mind and your body and see how much better you feel.

Do it Alone

Do not feel that you have to have other people on your spiritual journey with you. Learn to do things on your own. You can find a community of people that you trust, but in the end, be your own self and your own path.

Laugh and Have Fun

Life can be hard, and you need to learn to laugh and have fun. Take time each day to really laugh and read funny things that bring you joy.

Being spiritual can be intense but you need to learn to have a good life that is happy and free.

Live a Simple Life

Get rid of the clutter in your house and your mind. Change things in your house and clean it and make sure it is less cluttered.

Nothing is better than getting rid of things that cause you more stress. Learn to live simpler, put the phone down, spend time with those that you love. Find joy and be simpler in your life and your spiritual energy can flow through you and the space you live in.