Divine Timing in Relationships of the Soul

Divine Timing in Relationships of the Soul

Divine timing is indicative of something positive happening as part of your divine plan. This means that there is a greater purpose working in your life and it originated from the universe or the divine. So many people are most curious what the universe has in store as far as timing for their soulmate. Some people are just struggling with a soulmate and want to no when the problems will end. They are focused on getting things back on track. Some have split up from their soulmates and what to know when they will reunite. For the most part, the answer depends on divine timing, basically being on god’s time clock.

Linear vs. Divine

We live in a linear world in which times are set to accomplish certain things or be in certain places. We know when set things will happen. We may need to get up at 6 AM, eat lunch at noon, and go to the gym after work. We may watch the news at 11 PM and then head off to bed. This is what we do and expect. We need to keep this time and stay on track because it keeps us moving forward in both time and space. However, in the spiritual realm, there is no concept of time or space because it simply does not exist. Everything in the spiritual realm works on divine timing, that of the universe. In divine timing, everything is all at once, everything is now. Our angels and guides provide linear time so we can function, but they do not require it.

Soulmate Timing

This really does apply to soulmates because they will come or return when the necessary life lesson has been learned. This lesson is important for them before you two can get together or be reunited properly. It truly depends on divine timing, that of god, the goddess, and the universe. Our desperation in a matter will not make the universe work faster. There is a good chance that you have a few life lessons to learn before meeting your soulmate, they may have lessons as well.  This means to meet them, you need to focus on yourself to learn the necessary lessons. If you are working on resolving issues with a soulmate, the same is true. Time spent focusing on yourself and improving yourself, allows an opening for your soulmate to appear or reappear. When you take the time to learn the lessons necessary, the divine timing of the universe will then allow your relationship to get back on track.

If you are truly destined to meet your soulmate in this lifetime, then it will happen. This is true even if you work toward avoiding them. This is true because soulmate meetings provide life lessons, spiritual growth, and experiences that are appointed for us in that time. Be patient and let it happen. Soulmate meetings tend to come when you least expect them. Al so remember that soulmates come to those who have readied themselves and do not need someone to “complete” them, but to add to what is already complete.