How an astrologer help you understand your boss

How an astrologer help you understand your boss

No matter what you call your boss and no matter how you feel about them, it seems as if you can’t comprehend them . It seems they want something different every minute and that can be the direct opposite of what they wanted yesterday.  So what do you do to survive the every shifting moods and expectations of the person who holds your livelihood in their hands?  Something you can do that will help out is contact an astrologer. You will also need to know their sun sign. Once you have these things you can start to figure out what exactly you can do to make your work life go more smoothly.

If the words, brash, dynamic and blunt describe your boss, he or she is probably an Aries. They are good at inspiring people to work harder but they can also run right over their employees. The best way to survive this boss is to stay aloof and don’t take anything personally.

The Taurus boss will be slow and deliberate, sometimes maddeningly slow.However, they will also be very patient with you.  They finish what they start and they always mean what they say. They will give you a sense of stability.

It will seem hard to keep with a Gemini because they are terrific multitaskers. They move quickly and seem distracted. If you are a careful, detail oriented person, you may find them frustrating. The upside of this is that they will give you chance to take the lead on projects.

A Cancer in the office will protect themselves and will avoid all confrontation. It can be difficult to get feed back from this boss. They will work with you and will be flexible if you need extra time or assistance.

The Leo boss lves attention. The will let you have all the room you need when you are working.  All you need to do to make them happy is to let them know you appreciate them and their work.

Virgo’s are especially detail oriented and they demand accuracy and precision. They may seem demanding but they are very professional. If you can be logical and keep your emotions out of the office, you will do well.

If you boss relies on his even temper, charisma and negotiating skills, they are probably a Libra. They are fair-minded and do not play favorites.  If you can mind your manners and keep your nose to yourself, you will do well with this boss.

The Scorpio will seem stand-offish and intense. They are very passionate but hold their cards close to their chests. They are excellent judges of character and do not like disloyalty. You can stay on this boss’s good side by be honest and taking personal responsibility for your actions.

The Sagittarius is independent and can be hard to keep up with. They are optimistic and cheerful, but they can also be impractical and impulsive.  They will support you and encourage you both on and off the job.

The boss that is a Capricorn is very ambitious. You will do well if you don’t challenge their authority. They may put their work life about everything else.  If you are this type of person, you will be on the path to success.

The Aquarius boss will enjoy working with the group.  They love the big picture and trust their intuition. They love hearing new ideas and they can seem  bit quirky. They love change and will work well with independent thinkers

Pisces are able to adapt and are terrific and going with the lo.  They are very imaginative and have creative minds. They like surrounding themselves with practical employees to help handle the details so that they may immerse themselves in the creative side.

Now that you have a general idea of how the sun signs appear in the work place you will be better prepared to understand the swinging moods of the workplace. If you need further help, you can consult an astrologer to help you figure out how your sun signs works with your colleagues.