How to Tell if You Are Claircognizant

How to Tell if You Are Claircognizant

Are you the type of person that instinctually “knows” something?  For example, when you interact with a stranger you are can read their thoughts or feelings without any verbal cue.  Perhaps you can instantly know a key component of a person’s life upon first meeting them.  Then you may be claircognizant, a powerful, yet woefully seldom discussed psychic ability involving an intense and persistent feeling, knowing or pull that arises from your gut!

People who are claircognizant regularly get gut feelings that prove accurate.  If you have a finely tuned and strong intuition, then you could be gifted in claircognizance.  Feelings and senses of knowing appear in a manner that is unshakeable and pulls may be so strong you feel compelled to go to the source.  Trust this instinct! This a clear sign of being claircognizant.  Ignoring these sensations could cause a deep unsettling in the physical body as well as the psyche.

Information is received about a person or situations without a clear source

If you find yourself receiving information consider how it developed in your body.  Did you see it, hear it, feel it, or did a complete message suddenly materialized in your mind?  Claircognizance is sent as a fully formed message from your spirit guides like one would download a file that reverberates throughout the body, mind and spiritual planes.

Picking up on people’s thoughts

It is common for claircognizant individuals to hone in on a person’s thoughts or information about their personal life.  Typically, it begins by accident where they may learn something about a person’s family situation.  However, this is no true accident, as spirit guides as sharing this information to help this person heal or grow.  Rest assured you are not violating anyone’s sense of freewill because at a spiritual level they are seeking your assistance.

Being claircognizant means you frequently know what someone is going to say before they can utter a syllable.  It entails knowing things about a person without them verbally sharing a single detail.  This gift is one to be treasured and wielded responsibly.  Your gift is sent by the Divine to help people and nurture both of your spiritual growth.