Checking Your Psychic Personality

Checking Your Psychic Personality

It can also be talked about as the sixth sense.  Having ESP is part of telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis and precognition and is part of the power that lies in your mind.

How to Measure ESP

There are different ways that you can measure if you have ESP and there are some perceptions that were getting information from somewhere other than the physical five sense.  Here are the different types of ESP that a person can have:

  • Telepathy-being able to listen to other people’s thoughts in your mind.
  • Clairvoyance-being able to see things that aren’t available for you to see.
  • Psychokinesis-seeing with your mind and being able to move objects with your mind.
  • Precognition-seeing into the future through your mind or dreams.


Parapsychologists are psychic and so are mediums.  There are people that have these powers more than others.  Some of this is based on things like:

  • Personality-most people with spiritual gifts are extroverts and outgoing.
  • Sensitive- some psychics are generally sensitive to what people are feeling and what moods they are in.
  • Creative-many mediums are creative and can figure out imaginative solutions.
  • Dreaming-psychics and mediums seem to have lucid dreams and be able to remember these dreams. These can be measured through brain wave activity.  Sometimes when people first start dreaming, they will talk to people in their dreams and know that they have seen things before.
  • Perceiving-People with spiritual powers are able to understand things that other people cannot understand. They seem to be able to reach into the soul of others to see with their third eye.


Many scientists have discovered serotonin as part of the mystical experience.  Some believe this only happens with drugs, but this can also happen if someone has a spiritual gift, such as the third eye.

ESP Types

Some people that have ESP are strong-willed and one with nature.  They are eccentric and spiritual and have personalities that cause others to feel nervous.

Do You Have ESP?

If you have parts of the personality above, then you could have ESP.  Some people will practice these feelings and can work hard to find their spiritual gifts.  It is important to not be afraid and to not be embarrassed of these gifts.

Make sure that you talk to someone and let them understand what you are going through.  Tell them what you are feeling and find out what gifts you really have.