Raise Your Vibration Today

Raise Your Vibration Today

There have been countless tales of how when a person thinks about a particular item or desire it suddenly comes to pass.  But the stories often fail to mention why these outcomes occur.  People exists not just on a physical level, but an energetic one as well.  Life is essentially one big energetic soup that provides us all sustenance.

Our thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all ingredients that contribute to humanity’s collective well-being.  If person A acts in a benevolent way, it can provide a ripple effect of positivity for themselves and person B at a later date.  This is also true of how the hurtful actions of one country can negatively impacts another even if the countries are separated by thousands of miles.

If you have be concerned that life has been getting increasingly difficult for you, try the following tips to raise your energetic vibrations.  Not only these higher karmic wattages bring success into your life, but you can make a direct impact in helping the lives of billions other souls.

Begin manifest the life of your dreams todays in these simple ten ways:

  1. Express Gratitude

When one is truly grateful and shares their bounty, they will naturally find themselves in a better mood.  Words have power.  Take a few minutes each day to ideally speak, or perhaps write down things you appreciate or bring joy into your life.  You may also choose to journal a positive memory or an experience such as listening to a particular song, that cultivates happiness for you.

  1. Sleep on It

If you feel like your energy is depleted recharged your body with a nap.  If you are struggling for restorative sleep overnight, consider investing in yourself by getting a new mattress, pillows or bedding.  Highly effective people both financially and spiritual prioritize their REM cycles.  By getting proper sleep you can let your body heal itself both physiologically and during your dreamwork.

  1. Drink Water

Water allows you to flush out toxins from your body while giving you hydration so you have the energy to participate in life.

  1. Look Up!

Nature is a balm for our soul.  Looking at the sky in particular helps us put ourselves in better perspective with society and the universal community.  When you look at the clouds or the stars, suddenly your problems don’t seem so big anymore.  Its takes billions of years for the light of a star to reach Earth.  So even if you feel like your actions don’t matter know, just wait.  You may never know the full power of your actions’ ripple effects, but they will impact future generations.

  1. Declutter

Clutter is the act of unnecessarily taking up space.  Periodically review your various belongings to see if they still serve a need in your life.  Bag them up and either sell them or donate them to a charity.  These items may no longer have value for you, but could make a world of improvements to another household.  By freeing up space, you then allow for newer and more beneficial items or opportunities to enter your life.

  1. Exercise

Motion is lotion, both to your physical body as well as your mental and spiritual fields.  Exercise allows your physical body to perform in optimal ways and reduce the strains of carrying excess weight.  Mentally, your brain releases neurochemicals that make you feel peaceful and happy.  Spiritually, exercise can also help create space for you to better listen to your Inner Wisdom to help guide you on your path to enlightenment.

  1. Love Freely

The song is right, what the world needs now is “love sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.”  Love is the Light that shines on all of us and casts out the Darkness that is Hatred and Fear.

  1. Om Sweet Om

Mediation is powerful tools and can be done in a variety of ways.  By fully relaxing and surrendering into a state of void, you create alpha ways in your brain.  This is physical sign of the highest energy levels which help us attain union with the Divine or Universe.  Each experience is unique and deeply personal.  Honor the lessons that you gain during each practice and reflect on how you can implement them for societal betterment.

  1. Day Dream

If you can visualize it, you can attain it!  Pain the reality you seek in your mind and transmit it to the Universe via your Third Eye.  The spiritual world seeks the spread of joy, love and light into the world.  If you are of pure intentions the Divine will assist you in manifesting this intention.  Pay attention to important signs along your way so you don’t miss out on new and exciting opportunities.

  1. Create!

When you journal, draw or sculpt you tangibly express your innermost thoughts and feelings.  This is the ultimate act of connecting to The Law of Attraction.  You can use your creations to harness the positive vibrations and boost your energetic field.  Better yet, when you share your creations with others, these people can intrinsically feel your high vibrations and positivity.  If they allow themselves to be receptive, they can then harness this act of love and light and further share this spirit with more people.

By making a mindful commitment to raise your vibrations and act positively you can spiderweb your benevolence to the entire Universal Family!