Mantras When You Feel Hopeless

Mantras When You Feel Hopeless

Everyone has been frustrated with their life and sometimes this leads to having bad moods or stress. It can be hard to pull yourself out of a bad mood once one starts. It is easy to begin to feel stressed or hopeless.

If you have an attitude that is hard and you are struggling, you need to begin to think more positive. Positive thinking can help you to boost your mental health. Even just saying something inspirational to yourself can boost your mood quickly.

Learn to be positive. If you do not meditate, just say mantras that can help you to change your mood and to feel better about yourself.

Here are some things you can say when you are feeling negative to boost your mood:

Get Better

Tell yourself to get better and it can help you to have more strength and to feel better in your day. Even if you do not feel that you are getting better, just saying it can take away your hopelessness and bring you peace. Say this to yourself as often as you need to.

When you feel hopeless, it is a feeling of suffering and sadness. This is a strong feeling and if you can feel better and get past your pain, there is hope.

Put Me First

You are always putting others before yourself but sometimes you have to pay attention to you. You are important just like everyone else and you need to embrace your worth. Your ideas, goals and dreams do matter.

Put yourself first. Stop thinking that you are being selfish if you worry about yourself. You have given others all of your time and now you need to concentrate on what you need.


Procrastinating can cause stress and aggravation. It is easy to put off tomorrow what needs to be done today. You have to learn to do things right now. If you said you were going to do it tomorrow, today is tomorrow and do it.

Even if you do not feel like doing it, do it anyways and stop putting it off. You can change your situation by not procrastinating and overcoming what you need to get done. Learn to rest when you are tired but stop putting things off.

Don’t Stop

If you feel hopeless, don’t give up. Everyone faces obstacles in their life. You have to remember where you came from and where you are not. Remember where it all started. Even if you are facing hard times, remember that you have come so far.

Do not give up on where you have come. Face the problems and obstacles and be successful. Obstacles are hard but you can overcome them. You might have to go through pain to overcome but keep pushing and you will make it.

Let Go

If you have a past, let go of it. People sometimes want to focus on their past instead of letting it go. We all have a past but now we can start new and forgive ourselves. We have to forgive ourselves and move forward.

Letting go can be hard but you can do it. Let yourself grow and meet new people and face new challenges. This can help you to be better in your future.


Let yourself know that you are worthy, and you are enough. This is one of the most important things that you can tell yourself. When you feel that you are not good enough, know that you are.

It is not impossible for you to accomplish what you want. You are strong and you are successful. You can meet your goals and reach your dreams.

Being hopeless can make you feel that you are overwhelmed or that you cannot get anything done. Think positively and learn to find more motivation as you move forward.

Say these things over and over until you are focusing on yourself and good things.

Just Happen

When you feel that there is no hope, it is easy to take pain personally. Remember that things just happen and that they happen to everyone. It does not mean you have bad luck or that you are being punished. Things just happen. Maybe random things keep happening and you will understand why later.

When things happen, the world is not ending. Just remember that better things are coming. You cannot take the weight of the world on your shoulders because things just happen. They happen to everyone.


Do not let anything take your joy. Be happy no matter what is going on in your life. Learn to find things to be happy about.

It can be hard to always be happy, but you can write down things that bring you happiness and say them over and over when you are feeling bad. Write down things that make you feel good. You will be surprised how much this can change your mood and boost your life.


Choose to be happy. This is always a choice. If you are sad, change your mindset to be happy. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have pain or heartache, but you can heal, and you can let these bad feelings go away. You do not have to keep them and carry them. You can deal with things much easier when you are happy.

Being happy is not easy and you have to work on it. You might even have to fake your happiness until it is really there. Learn to spend time with people that bring you joy and peace. Choose to be happy because you deserve it.


Love can heal all things. You are loved. There are so many people that love you and care for you. Just because you feel bad for a moment does not mean you are alone.

If you don’t feel love, repeat that you are loved over and over. Tell yourself many different times a day how much you are loved and cared for. Spend time with those that do love and care for you and let them tell you how much they love you.

When you tell yourself how much you are loved, you open up your heart out positive things. Give yourself permission to be loved. Even if you are scared, be open because love can heal you.


Thinking positive can help you get out of your hopeless feelings. When you realize that these sayings are helping you, keep saying them. This can improve your mood fast and bring you joy. If you still are feeling bad, ask to talk to someone that can listen and help you.