Overcoming Energy Blocks with Professional Healers

Overcoming Energy Blocks

It’s a common experience in life to have some aspects that move along effortlessly, while others stall. Energy blockages may be one reason why you’re finding it difficult to move forward. Energy blockages can be difficult to identify and even more difficult to remove. But once you understand how to recognize them, what their symptoms are, and methods to clear them, you can overcome them.

Energy Blocks’ Origins

The term “energy block” is frequently used in metaphysical contexts. Though they form for many different reasons, one of the most common causes is unhealed or unprocessed emotional wounds caused by life experiences in the past. Repressed feelings may not seem to exist, but their effects linger and contribute to struggles in specific areas, such as finances or romance.

Energy blocks develop when residual emotions leftover from trauma remain stifled, so they’re constantly re-lived on a subconscious level. When negative feelings such as sadness, guilt, resentment, and anger are repressed and left unhealed, one side effect is that the flows of positive energy in vital areas of life are blocked. This negatively influences one’s overall sense of well-being. In simpler terms, repressed negative emotions block the flow of positive energy.

The Need to Heal Energy Blocks

Energy blocks can be difficult to identify for two main reasons. First, many emotional blocks are the result of events that occurred at such a young age that the subject does not remember them.  Second, the experiences may have been so traumatic that they were intentionally forgotten or repressed. But since the feelings remain in our subconsciousness, their effects often persist. These types of emotional issues can cause energy blockages, which have the power to shape behaviors and perceptions for the rest of our lives.

Some energy blocks manifest in straightforward ways, while others can occur less obviously. Knowing what the symptoms of energy blocks are can help us identify their presence in our lives. Typical symptoms include constant depression, feeling trapped by the same circumstances, repeated episodes of procrastination related to the same situations or issues, unhelpful or negative patterns, and an increase in food or alcohol consumption.

Energy blocks disrupt physical wellness and can even seriously impact physical health. You’ve probably already heard that grief and other painful feelings can affect health. Common adages such as “broken heart syndrome” confirm this. Physical pain resulting from energy blocks is one more of the many reasons why energy blocks need to be identified and addressed as quickly as possible.

Science demonstrates that our bodies’ compositions include energy systems. Our thoughts, our feelings, and even our world are energy. The proper functioning of our hearts, nervous systems, and even every cell we have, all rely on our bodies’ electrical energy. Energy currents constantly circulate through our bodies, and blocks from our unresolved feelings interrupt that flow. This leads to physical illness and unhealthy habits.

Stated more simply, energy blocks are emotional blocks. So, to clear energy blocks, we must heal at the emotional level—the root cause—to release our unhealthy connections to past situations.

Professional Energy Healers

There are many different ways to break down energy blockages, and a spiritual or holistic healer can help us address energy blocks at their root causes. One significant benefit is that professional healers work with the system that comprises our bodies’ lifelines. They know how to commune with the universe to infuse positive energy and light into the components of our energy fields that are suffering from deficits.

Some people may find it daunting to work with somebody else to face the difficult feelings that caused their energy blocks. They prefer tolerating the long-term discomfort of the block over the intimidating process of bringing those feelings to the forefront and resolving the blocks. But a professional healer will gently and collaboratively guide the clearing process and make it as easy as it can be.

Clearing energy blocks and releasing stagnant emotions is essential to living life to its greatest potential. With energy blockages in place, spiritual and personal growth can only advance so far. As an analogy, a new building constructed on a crumbling old foundation will soon develop the same issues as the previous building. So, to promote healthy growth, one must heal. Emotional healing floods the impaired areas with positive energy, which will allow this growth and healing.

When we clear our energy flow, we expand our potential for a more fulfilling life. The result is deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships with ourselves, others, and the universe. Furthermore, healthy personal energy contributes to the earth’s optimal energy vibration.