Using numerology to find your guardian angel

Using numerology to find your guardian angel

If you have every wanted to find your guardian angel, you can find it by using numerology.  Psychics are often asked if they are being watched over by an angel or other spirit guide. Some have found it easy to call on angels by using numerology.

According to numerology, both Angel and Human have a 21/3.  This means that they are equally healing and powerful. The difference comes from the ways that we think. While angels have outer wings, we wear our wings on the inside, as our lungs.  Because we guard the planet while they guard the skies, we are truly Angels of the Earth.

There is a formal to finding your angel. First you should write your date of birth in the format of date, month and year. Next, add the numbers from left to right. Then get it down to a single number. Then check to see what the number is.  Once you locate your angel, you can pray to them.

A guideline for prayer: Thank your angel for protecting you, then state your intention, what you would like them to do. Ask for clear signs and help to keep you on track.  Next ask for any specific intentions. Then thank them again.

The following is a short list of angels as aligned with a few numbers. Check and see if any of these resonate with you.

  • The number 1- The archangel Raguel. He is associated with the word hero and he will help give you courage
  • The numbers 2 and 11 The archangel Uriel- His word is light. He will help provide clarity and wisdom in dark times.
  • The number 3 belongs to the archangel Jophiel. His word is Freedom. He is a communicator as well as an artist. You can ask him for inspiration and new ideas.
  • The numbers 4 and 22 connect to the archangel Haniel. He is associated with constructive healing in your family life.
  • The number 5 is Jeremiel. He will help you be objective as you solve problems.
  • The numbers 6 and 33 belong to the Archangel Michael. He is associated with blessings and teaching. He will protect you when you are surrounded with negative energy.  He can also be called on by you to help protect others.
  • The number 7 is aligned with the Archangel Raphael. He will help you get your life in order and get things balanced. He can also help protect your health.
  • The numbers 8 and 44 go with Raziel, he is the one who can help you solve the mysteries of the universe. He can also help boost your psychic powers.
  • The number 9 is attached to the Archangel Ariel. He can be called on to help you make a difference in your community. He is a great protector of our beautiful world.

Remember you can connect with any angel at any time; numerology merely shows you who may resonate with you. Angels do not have a gender as we know it. We don’t have just one angel to watch over us; rather, we have angels and guides and our dearly departed to give us a hand.

You can always meditate to connect with all of your guides. And if you are seeing a pattern of repeating numbers, it is always wise to consult a psychic advisor who specializes in Numerology.