What is Shadow Work?

What is Shadow Work?

There are parts of your life that you want to keep hidden and that you don’t want to face. Many of these things start to come out when you are on your spiritual journey. When this happens to you, this is called shadow work. There is a complete healing that can take place, but people have to learn to accept their shadow and learn to do shadow work in order to be enlightened. There are different traumas and things that have happened in life that people often overlook instead of face them and fix them.

We live in a place that we deal with emotions and mental health in a negative way. Many people are sick in their mind and emotions, and this can be because of traumas that they have had to face or things that are unfair such as racism or sexism.

There are different traumas in society that people have to face and social groups in different generations have went through. This can be abuse that can be looked at as normal because it is systematic. These things will happen when people allow there to be things that put people down or leave groups out.

This can cause someone to internalize the feelings and to feel abused. There are some traumas that have occurred in life because of poverty such as war or genocide and this can cause people to feel scared or to even end up on the streets. Terrorism and hate crimes are part of this trauma that people often experience.

The social traumas that happen can affect how you look, feel, what you believe and other things that make you different.

You might think of karma as a collection of society and these things have happened throughout time.

There are traumas that can be passed down from generation to generation and these can be spiritual things or ancestral karma. This can happen with physical or sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, wounds, and other traumas. People can agree that there are problems that might be hard to recognize in themselves and so sometimes people see the trauma as normal, and they never deal with it.

In your life you will see that there are different abuses and traumas that are big and small. There are ways that people learn to cope through traumatic situations, and they learn to work through the experiences that they have had.

Getting rid of trauma in your life can help you to get over abuse and to get rid of fears that are around you.

Coping Mechanisms

People have scars in their life from trying to protect themselves and these are experiences that can be deep. This can be part of your shadow.

Jung is the one that came up with the idea of shadow aspect and this is the unconscious part of a persons ego that causes a person to be ignorant of what they have went through. This is not completely negative, but it is something that people do not fully understand. There are positive aspects of understanding the shadow and working on it and it can build self-esteem.

The shadow aspect is the Jungian psychology, and it talks about how there are habits and patterns such as addictions and beliefs that come with trauma. This can be painful to face and so the emotional scars that people get are often hidden under depression and suicidal thoughts. This can lead to abusive behaviors and attachments that are not healthy.

Some people never realize that there is a link between mental illness and abuse. They believe that the trauma is just part of their life, and they wonder why their emotions are messed up and why they are mentally ill.

People that are spiritual will often label this as the ego and the ego is where you are able to identify yourself and where you change based on what your ego tells you.

Relationships come with subconscious programming, and this means that you can have behavioral patterns and energies that help you to learn what life is about. This is why you are often attracted to some people and not others. There is behavior that can be abusive and if you don’t set healthy boundaries then you will not be able to notice when there are red flags which can cause you to repeat the same behavior over and over again.

If you work in toxic work environments and you keep going to toxic people over and over again it can go back to your past trauma and because you have not healed.

People often have self-sabotaging beliefs that cause them to have to live with the trauma over and over and this can pass down from generation to generation.

There are certain beliefs that people get so that they can cope with the problems that they face and deal with the social norms. This is part of the manifestation of the shadow work.

Trauma in a person is part of someone’s personality and this can look like familial traits, but it can be a shadow because it is unhealed situations.

You will see that spiritual or religions often talk about the shadow self and learning to notice and accept that there is one inside. This can be a way to learn and a way to acknowledge what you have gone through and the traumas that you have to face. When you acknowledge the trauma and the situations, it can put you in a place of healing and help you to reach a higher self.

Once the shadow comes out, you will see that it isn’t always negative. There are parts of the shadow that are positive because it helps you to face things that are holding you back. If you have been abused, for example, chances are that you do not feel worth love. You feel that you are unworthy, and you will not be able to heal from this until you reach down deep, and you deal with the heavier emotions of the trauma that you hid inside.

Shadow work is not just an emotional or mental exercise, but it is the blockages in your energy that causes you to not be able to get unstuck. It causes you to have repeating patterns and to deal with hard things. You can use healing techniques such as reiki, acupuncture, massages, yoga and more to help make your mind and body more aligned. This process is like therapy and can help you to get over past trauma.

Your shadow is not something that you are trying to get rid of, but it is a part of yourself that you need to discover and know what it is. You need to be aware of what is going on inside of you and what you can do to make the world around you better.