Finding Out About Your Past Life Now

Finding Out About Your Past Life Now

Do you find that sometimes you seem to remember things out of nowhere like you are living in a movie? Do you feel that you remember events or people from your life that you have never met before? Do you hear songs that elicit memories that you aren’t sure where they come from?

This can be a gifting, and this can be something that helps you to know that you have had a past life. Maybe you wonder about your memory and where your memories come from. Do you ever wonder what happened before you became who you are? Do you have emotions that have moved you through life and you don’t know what to believe and you have questions because you have these memories? These things happen for a reason.


Chances are that you are someone that believes in reincarnation or you aren’t. You may be someone that has had a lifetime of dreams and nightmares that you believed were real, but you weren’t sure why. Maybe you believed that these dreams were from your past life because you have heard people talk about reincarnation.

Sometimes the dreams won’t be recurring, and they will come but they will evoke such emotions that will make you feel that you have really experienced something. Maybe you have something that you have seen over and over again, and you wonder where these thoughts are coming from. You need to understand your life.

Themes of Dreams

Dreams might come to you now, even as an adult like they did when you were a child. Did you have nightmares that come now, and you feel that you need to even leave the door open as an adult? When you learn to embrace your past, chances are that you will find that you have some kind of psychic gifting that you may have never understood before.

You might have begun to believe that reincarnation is real and maybe you are afraid of it or maybe you are ready to embrace it.


When you realize your gift, you will be more open when it is time for the universe to send you your soulmate. This might end up being your best friend and maybe you fall in love with them. Maybe your connection is so strong that you see that your soulmate is a part of you and there to teach you a lesson.

Maybe you learned who you were and the bad habits that you had, and you learned that if you could make it through these things that you would be able to make yourself and your soulmate happy. What if they left you?

Maybe you worried about them and you worried about who they were and the fear that they brought you about being alone. A soulmate relationship is never meant to last, and they are just there to help you to be a better person.

You might have entered into this relationship and found that your gift got stronger and that you were just starting to understand it. Maybe you remember things, dreams, visions, or ideas that you had that are all related to your past.

Chances is there to help you find your past. Finding your soulmate is part of your chance and when you find out who you are in your past, you can embrace who you have become. This can help you to know who you are and where you come from.


You have to know that you have lived a past life in order to know who you really are. Maybe you have people that you have never talked about this because you are afraid of their reaction. Maybe you have experienced things such as the Holocaust and you do not know why or how but you just know that you have.

This can be a moment in your life where you learn about yourself and where you find out who you are. This can be a reason why you have emotions and feelings like you have. This can be a time where you feel the violence that you experienced in your past life and it leaves you feeling shattered and addicted.

Hearing the truth about your past life can trigger things in your life that cause you to have to face pain and hurt. This can help you to find out who you are.

When you repress your nightmares and your visions, you ignore who you were in your past and this has to change.


Once you learn to accept who you were, you can learn who you are. You can find people in your life that are meant to be there, and you can get over your addictions.  You can learn to be okay and you can learn to find happiness in your life.

You can learn to get thoughts out of your mind that you should never have, and you can learn to move forward in things that you wanted to do in your life.

Your past can be there to help you through your present and to help you know who you are. This can be part of your spiritual connection and can help you to grow and help you to be who you are meant to be.

As you go through your life, learn to understand the moments that come to you. Learn to view your past life as something that shows you who you are.

Remember your past life and allow your experiences to shape who you are now. Learn to experience things and not to expect things to be a certain way all the time. Allow the impressions that you have in your life to create a new story for you.