Signs of Clairaudience

Signs of Clairaudience

Clairaudience is a unique and rare ability that allows the person to hear spirit voices, noises, or otherworldly sounds. This can mean you hear things others cannot. Those with clairaudience may have difficulty hearing spirits and instead notice a ringing noise in the ears, but this will improve as time progresses. Clairaudients are gifted and intuitive because they have a voice that talks to them during certain times like those shared below.

  • Life changing moments
  • Crisis
  • Dreams

While these are good examples, there are also a few signs to indicate clairaudience and the psychic abilities of such. These are shared below.

Many clairaudients have a voice that gives them direction, like warning them to leave a certain area or not to do something specific. This is common for those who have had ringing in the ears and can start at a very young age. It is normal to talk to these voices. Some will develop these natural abilities and can become accurate in giving psychic readings. Clairaudients will thrive on peace and quiet. They may notice that they are at their best when minimal noise exists in the surrounding environment. Loud noises can have significant effects because you are highly sensitive to them. Events like the movie theater or live music concerts may be actively avoided because they are too overwhelming. In fact, it has been proven that too much noise will make a clairaudient irritable, tired, and even unfocused. Letting people know about your ability and why you need peace and quiet is important. While it is always best to be straightforward and honest, there are many different approaches.

Clairaudients are naturally creative. The sensitivity to noises is just one are of clairaudience. Expressing your creativity is also something that you can thrive on. This is in part because you have a spirit brimming with connection to those around you and related, their ideas. This means it should not come as a surprise that you are constantly inspired by ideas. This will in turn allow us to connect with higher spirits and higher beings.

These are just a few of the signs that you might be clairaudient. There is a great deal that can be learned from looking online and reading further articles. If you think you may be clairaudient it is important to learn more.