Do You Have Bad Luck?

Do You Have Bad Luck?

Bad luck is hard to deal with especially when it seems that you are the only person that is experiencing it.  Some people think that bad luck comes in three while others think that this theory is wrong.  There have been times when people have experienced one thing of bad luck or maybe even two.  Thinking that there will be a third is negative thinking.

You might lose your phone and then get a large bill, fall and hurt yourself or more. The thing is, this is not real, and it is only in your mind.

When you think about bad luck, you have to know that it is all part of your mind. When you get bad luck, you automatically start thinking that you have done something wrong and even if you are a good person, you will feel that bad luck is haunting you.  You will feel punished.

Those that believe in karma believe that the spirit world is paying you back for what you did in your past and the bad things you have done.

Be Real

The truth is that there are billions of people in the world and so there has to be things that happen.  People have to fall, lose their jobs, break up with their partner, get lost, lose a raise and all kinds of things.  Everyone has things happen to them, but bad luck is just relative.

When you think about bad luck, you might see it from someone else’s idea.  Unless you or someone you know dies, there is someone that is worse off than you are.  The truth is, you have to be positive when things start to happen to you and get control of your life.


If you are letting go of bad luck and being positive, things will get better.  Stop blaming yourself and learn to move forward in your life.  Stop asking why things happened and learn to just go with it.  You cannot change the past.

Stop questioning your worth and if you are going to fail and stop being stressed about your life.  Be happy and learn to stop having a negative outlook on life that makes you feel bad about yourself.

Your negative energy will attract more negative energy and if you are learning to have a different mindset, you will attract that as well.  People that have a positive mindset tend to have better things happen to them and make better decisions.

When you find yourself in this state of mind, take a step backward.


When you have bad things happen to you, learn to move forward.  Think about what you could do better next time and allow yourself ot get rid of the pain.  Stop making things into a bigger situation and learn to move on and let it go.  You cannot let bad luck dictate who you are or what happens to you.

Stop reliving things that happened and move on.  Let go and stop blaming others and asking why things happen to you.  Don’t allow yourself to be bound to your problems.  Test what you are doing and learn to move forward and be stronger and better in your life,

The things you go through will make you stronger and so we must not let bad luck hold us back form moving on and having a great life.  Move forward and be positive.  Your past cannot help you and when bad luck comes, it comes and then is gone.


Get some paper and write down how you will move forward in a positive manner.

If you need a new job, write it, if you want a new relationship, write that down too.  Do whatever you need in your life and write it down on the paper.  Make a plan and decide exactly what you have to do to get into a better situation.

Research for the day and create a new resume and put work into making your life better.  If you want a new job, find companies to send your resume to and find job you can join.  Deliver your resume to different businesses and put your foot in the door.

Pick yourself up and learn to change your live in a positive way.  The only way to get rid of bad luck is to get rid of it.  You can make a change in your life.  Make your plan and start a new path in your life.  Make the commitment to not let bad luck scare you or have control of you.  Take control if it and be in a happier place.