How you can locate a lost object using your psychic skills

How you can locate a lost object using your psychic skills

If you frequently lose things, this article is written specifically for you.  Regardless of whether you forget fast, we’re going to inform you how you can use your psychic skills to locate a lost object.

Now, we have to make something clear, these methods will only work if you have some psychic intuition, it’s not something that everybody can do.  You need to possess psychic abilities before you try this. If you are going through a psychic block phase or feeling particularly closed off, this may not work.


Sit in a quiet room. Specifically, the room you think you might have lost your item and begin to meditate. Clear your mind and focus on your lost item. As you pay attention to it, you might get a feeling of where your item is in your mind.

Request your guide to help you

You can connect with your spiritual guide and ask them to help you. This works at times. They will help you by telling you where it is or simply just pointing you in the right direction. They might help you understand why your item got lost in the first place.

Use a pendulum

If you don’t have one, you can make your own.  After making it, hover it over your palm and ask the universe basic questions that need yes or no answers. This will direct the pendulum to where it should go.

You can then move ahead and locate your lost item. You can ask questions such as; “is my ring in my bedroom?” the pendulum then will swing in a specific direction to help you find your lost object.