Date an Old Soul

Date an Old Soul

There is always something weirdly sexy about someone with a unique perspective about the world. Old souls can find beauty where others see total chaos. Dating an old soul is possibly one of the best experiences you can have. They focus on things that really matter, hone in on your needs, and take nothing for granted. Below is a list of why old souls are the best.

Rather Cuddle Than Party

Old souls do not want to be on the go all the time. They prefer to relax and spend time in their space. Having a real conversation while chilling at home is far more fun to them than hitting up every club in the area. They are not boring, but appreciate the comforts of home, including you.

Appreciate the Little Things

Old souls understand the importance of the small things in life and in relationships with others. They are likely to cook a romantic dinner over booking a two week cruise. They may not like big events, but will surprise you with the little things daily.

No Game Playing

Old souls may know the dating rules, but they ignore them. They do not waste time or play games so they will say how they feel outright.


Old souls are far from naïve. They know life is hard and that relationships can be difficult. They will not pretend to be overly optimistic or blind to issues, but they will fight if it is worth it for something they truly want.


It is rare to find a partner who is not afraid of you being emotional and expressive, but an old soul is that rarity. They do not fear emotions because they are emotional. They can sense the feelings of others and ask what is wrong before anything is mentioned. They are attuned to their feelings and those of others making them super empathetic and quick to help.

No Judgment

An old soul will not question your life decisions because they are making odd decisions as well. These free spirits are slightly spontaneous and are so focused on getting the most out of life, they do not judge others. They understand everyone is unique and as long as you are not hurting anyone, they are happy to let you be.

A Real Connection

Old souls do not mind being alone, so if they are paying attention to you, they are interested. Dating an old soul means never wondering if they want to be with you because if they did not, they would not be.

Straight Shooter

Honesty is highly important for the old soul. They want you to be upfront with thoughts and feelings and they will be as well. It is important to have someone who can tell you hard truths from a place of love and an old soul will.


When an old soul falls in love, it is a hard fall. Being in a relationship with one will mean having someone on your team at all times, even when they do not agree. They are so loyal they will confront anyone who means to bring you pain or harm.

Teach You to Live

Old souls do not question themselves and will teach you to stop doing so. They will open your eyes to truly living with every day as an adventure. Even if the relationship ends, you will not regret dating them. In fact, other relationships may seem disappointing in relation.