Knowing About Nymphs


If you don’t know what a nymph is, now is your chance to find out. You probably have seen them in paintings or read about them in books. A nymph has different personalities and characteristics that decide their behaviors.

Genesis of Nymphs

Nymphs have been found in Greek mythology and are known to be small gods. The nymph in these times was a female that had reached puberty and when there is more than one, they are called nymphai.

Nymphai are interesting and appear in many writings. There are stories of the nymphs named Calypso and Echo who are well known and the teachings about them are interested in full of text.

Art and Nymphs

The Nymphs when they are drawn look like females that are white and innocent. They are almost a spirit looking being. They are often seen in Neoclassical drawings from the 1800’s.

The Nymphs are often drawn in the nude and so they are full of controversy. They are seen in museums all over the world and some of the greatest paintings of Nymphs include:

  • “Hylas and Nymphs” from 1896
  • “The Surprised Nymph” by Edouard Manet in 1861.
  • “Nymphs and Satyr,” by William Adolphe Bouguereau in 1873.

Nymphs Explained

Nymphs are creatures that are one with nature. They are often seen drawn out in the nature and being part of wooded areas of the see.

The Nymphs like a natural environment and they have a legend about them. According to the legend, the Forest Nymphs have to live by trees in order to live and these include:

  • Dryads
  • Alseids
  • Meliads
  • Hamadryads.

Water nymphs need to be close to the mountains or the lands so that they can survive and get food. These types of Nymphs include:

  • Napaeas
  • Leimoniads
  • Oreads


The Nymphs are very social, and they are always looking to find others that want to love and accept them. They look to find people in nature that are wandering that they can take under their wings. The Nymphs become one with nature and they are able to have instincts like animals. They are very seductive though and have a strong sex drive.