Improve Your Psychic Skills Today

Psychic Skills

Your psychic skills dovetail with your five physical senses to help you heighten the way you perceive the world around you.

  1. Clairaudience: To strengthen your psychic listening you must quiet your surroundings and tap into the ambient environmental noises around you.  Shut off any technological devices and pay attention to what you hear.  Do you noise the winds or birds?  Perhaps water dripping from the faucet or your neighbor tending to their lawn?  You might also choose to listen to a piece of music and seeking out the sound of one musical instrument.  It is important to have a singular focus.  As you become acutely aware of ambient noise, your clairaudience ability improves.  Notice how when you are in a party you can identify a singular person’s voice in the midst of the cacophony, this is clairaudience at work.
  2. Clairsentience:  To work on psychic feeling explore how various textures feel to your skin.  You may choose to place items in a box and try to identify it solely based on touch, as you work on your ability to feel you also are amplifying your emotional experience.  You can also grow clairsentience by looking at a photograph and trying to identify the emotions of the people depicted during the moment it was taken.  You can also do this with personal objects and trying to sense any energy, personality, emotions, or feelings connected to it.
  3. Clairvoyance: Clear seeing can be strengthen by working to soften your gaze.  Think back to those online visual tests where you stare at dots on a photo negative and then look away from the image and you can see the photo’s image in full color.  This is known as the afterimage.  If you stare at a blue circle on a white background and then look away, you would see a red circle.  You can also hone this talent with visualizations.  Close your eyes and envision a room in your home, how much of the layout come back to you naturally?  Finally think back to the memory card games of our youth.  How often could you predict what card was going to be revealed upon your first flip attempt?  Lay out five random playing cards and try to ascertain what each card will be both your flip it.  How accurate where you and where did you not trust your gut?

Growing your psychic gifts is truly about being observant and mindful of your surrounding environment.  You are working to trust in your ability to see, hear, and feel things in your life that aren’t directly in your full field of vision.