Using Intuition for Decision Making

Using Intuition for Decision Making

If you are feeling stuck or cannot make a decision on which life path to take or are contemplating a big change in life, then the universe has equipped you with all the tools you need to help. In fact, there is just one tool that will get you through, your intuition.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is that gut feeling or sudden inspiration that we often get. It is as if the perfect answer pops into our mins without any effort on our part. This is a message from the universe that is just for the receiver. The intuition is the channel through which you are connected to your spirit and higher self. This has even been tested scientifically with remarkable results.

We must distinguish intuition from ego. Insights that originate from the ego are often laced with fear and frustration. The messages from intuition are paired with peace and ring with absolute authority. When such a message comes across, you will know it is true and accurate, even if it is unexplainable. So, how is this amazing ability tapped into? Below are several easy ways to do just that.

Ask and Let It Go

There are times in life we may be uncertain of which choice to make simply because we do not yet have a direct question in mind. The first step in accessing personal intuition is to ask a personal and specific question. You may want to form your question as a prayer or as a request, either way it needs to be specific and personal to your situation.

The rational mind is great at problem solving, but gets in the way of intuition, blocking the answers you are receiving. When asking for guidance, you must release any preconceived ideas from your mind and be open to receiving a response that will be of the highest benefit for those involved. This may include others beyond yourself.

The rational mind will often not want to digest this, but the intuition can view things from a higher perspective. One way of letting go of preconceived notions is to meditate and clear your mind. So, define the question and then surrender it during meditation. As you drift off to sleep or move on with your day, know the answer will come. This answer may not be immediate, but it will happen. Often, the answer is clear when we least expect it. When it does happen, you will feel deep down it is right.

Try a Pendulum

Pendulum dowsing is fun and exciting while also being helpful when accessing intuition. This form of divination can be used by anyone with a bit of practice. So, how does it work? Since your mind, body, and spirit are connected, a pendulum can access intuition using that connection. Research shows that a pendulum can pick up on electromagnetic energy that comes from the Earth. You will never know until you try it.

If using a pendulum, make sure that your aura is cleansed and that you meditate ahead of time. This will balance your energy and cleanse negativity so you can remain calm. This cleanses the intuitive channel so that the message receive is uninhibited and clear.

Oracle Cards

Much like pendulum dowsing, oracle cards can be of help when you are seeking guidance from higher powers or even the higher self as they can transmit through intuition. There are several options when it comes to decks, so choose the one that most speaks to you. This is important, finding one that you connect to in some way.

Before using the cards for the first time, get to know them through the symbols an imagery, as well as the energy they transmit. When you are comfortable, ask the cards a specific question and observe what answer is given. Think about the symbols, emotions that are stirred, thoughts that arise, and what mental images are brought up. Each of these are important in helping guide you to the right decision.

Stop Asking for Opinions

Even if you choose not to be affiliated with a religion, there are likely leaders in your life that you find influential or there may simply be others in your life that profoundly influence you. We cannot avoid allowing our culture, family, and friends to shape our decisions. It is nearly impossible to completely rid ourselves of the opinions of others. However, intuition is extremely personal. If you explain your concerns to a friend, they may offer advice, but you should be careful about taking it because there are times when friends can mirror character flaws that nee improving, not enhancing.

There are also times when their concerns are projected onto you, even if it is with good intentions. They may push you toward something or try to hold you back because of how they would feel. Totally relying on someone is not good, especially if they are unavailable. Instead, we need to learn to rely on our personal intuition.

This can be a tough transition, but when an important decision needs to be made, we need to reduce the noise from others and trust ourselves. The more often this is practiced, the stronger that internal voice will become.


It is not just the opinions of others that get into our minds, we also have distractions all around us. Traffic, phones, iPod, and computers can invade our thoughts almost constantly. Even when we are on vacation, we are covered in media in several formats. All this information overload can impair our ability to listen to our intuition or even tap into it. We must have clear channels to hear our intuition, not a busy mind.

The best antidote to this insane overload is to spend time in nature, technology free. This will be mind clearing and healing. Before any big decision is made, spend some time in nature. GO for a walk, go swimming in a stream, or find a unique way to enjoy the outdoors alone. For maintenance purposes, take a week every year to unplug and enjoy nature. This will reset your intuitive abilities and allow you to connect more freely.

If you are still uncertain about connecting with your intuition, start small and keep practicing. Ask the universe for guidance and then listen for the prompting to action. It really is that simple.