369 Manifestation Method and Its Uses

Manifestation Method

In the early stages of Law of Attraction work it can be frustrating because you find yourself struggling to manifest or filled with negativity. No matter the obstacle that stands between you and the manifestation, there is one approach that has a proven record, the 3-6-9 method. This is based on the numerology of sacred numbers and the strategy offers a way to turn big dreams into reality. Below is an introductory guide to get you started. This includes the effectiveness, history, easy steps, and how to supercharge your manifestation potential.

What is 3-6-9 Manifestation?

Most have not heard of the 3-6-9 manifestation method, because it originated on TikTok. Law of Attraction advocate Clark Kegley shared ways to boost manifestation potential using sacred numbers, more specifically 3-6-9. This is effective for those who have no experience in the Law of Attraction. The method draws from Nicola Tesla and 369 is often called the secret code because it is connected to our ability to have an influence on reality. Tesla called these divine numbers because a circle has 360 degrees and 3+6 = 9. If you repeatedly divide this circle, you continue to get the numbers 3,6, and 9. The numbers are central to our universe. Tesla’s mathematical work should be taken seriously. He invented the modern AC electricity supply system and much more in his life. In practice to manifest your dreams, these numbers are important as well.

How It Works

Due to the popularity of this method, many response videos about the effectiveness have been posted. Some use it to get closer to friends, others closer to a romantic partner. No matter how you want to use the method, know it can be effective. Using this method draws on the same skills as most manifestation exercises, but encourages their use in slightly different manners. Below is how to get started.

  • 3 Affirmations – Choose three distinct affirmations that reflect the improvement you want in your life. These should be succinct and evocative.
  • Express 6 Times – Say the three affirmations, six times a day. This locks them into the subconscious and communicates desires to the universe so it can meet your needs.
  • Focus for 9 Seconds – After each time saying the affirmation, spend 9 seconds visualizing it in as much detail as possible. Think of what it will look and feel like.
  • Repeat – For 21 full days, continue this method and watch as you receive your desire after completion.

Other Methods

The 369 method is popular, but not everyone will enjoy or use this method. Additionally, most people want to try more than one tactic, so consider other manifestation techniques like those shared below.

  • 55 x 5 Method – Imagine what you want to manifest and describe it as an affirmation you write out 55 times for 5 days. This focuses your energy.
  • Synchronicity Method – Notice the numbers you see repeatedly and use numerology to figure out what they represent to help achieve your goals.
  • Scripting Method – Write out descriptions of your desired future as if it has already happened. Describe it in great detail and watch as it ultimately manifests.