Signs You Are Highly Intuitive

Highly Intuitive

People can be separated into two different categories based on their psychological preferences. Some people can pay attention to things by using their five senses and others can use intuition in order to understand things even better.

People that are intuitive are often looked at strangely or have a hard time fitting in because they are introverted but at the same time, they have so much information.

There are ways that you can tell that you are intuitive such as:

Know They Are Lying

One sign of an intuitive person is that they can naturally tell when someone is being dishonest. They do not even have to speak to this person to be able to tell.

This gift allows them to know when the person is lying to them or that the person is not who they say that they are.

Overworked Mind

Once you get up in the morning your mind will start working. There will be so much information that is always coming to you that you will have a hard time sorting through it.

Excited Ideas

Sometimes you will have ideas that are so exciting that they will keep you up at night. It will be hard for you to be calm and to think things through.


You will be able to figure things out without having to work hard at it. You will have information about things around you without being able to explain why.


Chances are that you will analyze everything that happens in your life. This is called analysis paralysis and will make it hard for you to stay on track.


You may have a hard time keeping a straight conversation because your mind will wander. Once you begin to listen to someone your mind will wonder, and you will be thinking of other things.

Visual Thinking

You have to imagine what you are thinking instead of just reading about it or thinking with words. You will be able to solve problems, but you have to be able to see it in your mind.


You might be someone that sees things as beautiful. You will take chances to do things right and you will be careful about the way that you act and treat others.

Just Because

You may not follow rules or plans and sometimes you do things for no real reason but just because you want to.


You have a hard time following rules and you want to do things your own way and you don’t want to hurt others.

Imaginary Friend

In your childhood, you have had different friends that were imaginary. This helped to keep your mind busy and helped you come up with wild ideas.

Small Circle

People do not get to get close to you because you only have a small circle. Even though you have good ideas and thoughts, not everyone gets to be part of them.


You find that you feel like a child and you are innocent in your thinking. You are often naïve.


You might experience a lot of anxiety because of the people around you. You hurt easily and you have a hard time trusting others.


You want to know new things and you seek knowledge. You try to figure out many different topics and you want to have conversations that make you better.