4 Ways You Know if You Have a Soul Connections

Soul Connections

There are times we meet someone and feel an instant connection.  You feel pulled towards them and without any words exchanged, you know they are special to you.  This person can come in many forms from a treasured friend, to a mentor or the love of your life.  Each of these precious relationships are so intense and intimacy you feel forever changed after meeting them.

There have been many labels throughout history placed on such connections.  In an array of spiritual and religious traditions it is said these bonds are a result of a soul contract we have made with their spirits prior to entering this lifetime in order to resolve lingering karmic issues and to promote our spiritual growth.  The very nature of having an energetic charge we experience upon meeting them in a lifetime is a clear signal of a soul agreement.

Unfortunately, since soul connections are regarded as esoteric and lacking substance, people often are skeptical of its impact.  They will dismiss the concept as a whim of a miscreant looking to prey on people’s insecurities.  The reality is that each of us are drawn to specific individuals for unique reasons and a purpose, and it’s imperative that we notice the signs of this bond.

To better understand soul connections, we must first rid ourselves of misconceptions.  The biggest fable is they can only be romantic in nature.  You can have soul-based relationship in a variety of bonds as they are extremely complex, nuanced and lesson-filled.  A connection you can feel with a person can last anywhere from a few days, months, a season of your life, or even decades.  No matter the length of time, the energy you exchange will impart vital lessons you both must learn in this lifetime and the impact of the relationship will stay with you for the rest of your life.  It is up to you how you implement these lessons for your personal and spiritual growth.  You have freewill as to how you respond to the events occurring between you and how you process each of your interactions.

Soul connections are intense and rare.  Be prepared to have your interactions echo throughout the recesses of your mind for years.  Enjoy these memories with fondness, delights as well as navigating feelings of regret or even grief.  To increase you chances of fostering such bonds, frequent places and institutions where you can encounter people with similar or strong values, interests and beliefs like churches, colleges, artistic venues or health clubs.  Pay close attention to any of the following four signs.

  1. Feeling spiritual altered after meeting them

When you interact with a soul connection you probably will notice a powerful shift within you.  Your energetic exchange may be professional, social, mental, or romantic.  The changes in your situation could be on a conscious or unconscious level, subtle or direct just by being around them.  Keep in mind your soul agreement is not always on a romantic level, but knowing them will change your life in a profound way.

  1. Greater awareness of your attributes or skills

Spending time with a soul connection is like observing yourself through a mirror.  Elizabeth Gilberts states in “Eat Pray Love” that “a true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake.  Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you.”  This can be why we get so shaken from their presence, because we see both our positive and shadow traits.  On one hand we reveal seeing the attributes we applaud in ourselves, but we can ruminate over the negative aspects and potentially tearing ourselves apart as a result.

  1. Sharing a deep energetic bond

Even when your connection is not physically with you, it seems like they are sharing space with you.  You frequently are reminded of them and wonder how they are doing.  Nothing can break this energetic connection you share.  Often soul connections have a telepathic union, which allows you to still learn critical lessons from each other.

  1. You will never forget each other

No matter the years since you first met, or last physically interacted together, a soul connection cannot be forgotten.  There are powerful stories of people remembering their mentors and the chance taken on them which led to a person learning valuable skills that vastly improved the course of their life.  There are no limits with soul connections.  Age, nationality, race, career, gender or status are societal illusions and not representative of one’s true soul.  When you remain open to the concept of soul connections you will have the opportunity to experience profound Divine love and grow exponentially both in this lifetime and others as well.