Cord Cutting: Shamanic Rituals Shared

Shamanic Rituals Shared

If you have been wondering how to cut cords with someone so emotional attachments can be released then this article can help. This article will cover spiritual cord cutting which can often be referred to as energetic cord cutting, as part of a shamanic practice. A shamanic ritual is defined as a mediumship technique that is created to work with spirit, energy, and a conduit in order to rebalance a person, group, or even area of land’s field of energy. Shamanic energy is a form of mediumship energy that is meant to heal energetically as it flows through the crown and heart chakras and out of the hands. This makes the person the conduit. Once the energy is flowing through your body, you can use the shamanic energy for healing of the self or others if their permission is granted through an array of spiritual techniques.

Cord cutting is a spiritual action that disconnects yourself or others from the energy attachments of the past when the body is ready to purge. A shamanic ritual can be defined as any energetic or spiritual technique that allows for an opening and closing ceremony to balance the energy body. Cord cutting is one of these techniques as it opens and releases energy and is best done in a ritualistic fashion with intention setting and closing remarks. Etheric cord cutting using shamanic techniques can help us move forward and stay focused on the present. It promotes a cleaner energy field so intuitive reception may be heightened. Cord cutting is like cutting split ends from hair or hanging up from a phone call. It may not totally end an energetic connection, but it closes the link so new ones can open.

Only use cord cutting as part of shamanic rituals when any one of the things on the list below is no longer wanted or if the energy is only flowing in one direction and you would prefer it to go other directions.

  • Continually thinking about a single person or thing
  • Giving to someone with little or no return
  • Compulsively drawn to a person
  • Drifting off while visualizing the person or thing when your focus should be elsewhere
  • Being interrupted by the past or future when you need to be present in the moment

Cord cutting can be used whenever an emotional and empathic connection with someone has been shared, regardless of the accompanying feelings, and you now need to shift your attention to something else. It can also be used daily right before bed to cut the cords of the day. When you cut a cord energetically between yourself and another person, the benefits are in reducing the amount of incoming energy your energy field is receiving. This allows your intuition to relax and rest for a time. Any time your energy needs to be focused, practice cord cutting using shamanic healing light. A few energy rituals will be shared below to help you cut those energetic cords. Before starting, set an intention and if you prefer, light a Palo Santo stick, say a prayer, or light a candle.


Visualize the Cords Returning

Many times, when someone wants to cut energy cords, they think of themselves in connection to something or someone. For this ritual, visualize calling back your golden light from what or whoever you are cutting cords. Visualize the golden threads reentering your core. When this is complete, do something external that is empowering like eating a nutritious snack, exercising, or anything else that can add energy to the body or spirit as this closes the ritual.

Ask Intuitively for Release

This is asking the cord holder to release it using intuition. Start by centering your energy field and visualizing where you believe the most energetic cord originates. Using claircognizance or clairaudient inner thoughts, ask the source to release the cord and watch it come back to you. Some people visualize golden scissors that cut the cord as it rolls back to you. When this is complete, do something nourishing to seal the energy. If doing this for a client, ask the guides for something the client can do for closing. For example, visualizing a light around the body or resting to charge the energy field can hold power in your space. This encourages a strong energy field that can prevent potential weak attachments from having an effect. Strong auric bodies keep these weak attachments outside your bubble.

Blue Grid Visualizations

This visualization seals the energy field in a healing light. Start by visualizing a blue electric field, like a cage, glowing around you. Visualize the old links dropping from the energy field as they reach the grid. Watch as they wash away at your feet until you feel clear. When finished, visualize a golden light in your core (Solar Plexus) and bow to the guides, thanking them and offering gratitude for the energy to visualize through this exercise. Imagine the chakras on the palm glowing and your heart shining bright with golden light.

Knowing the Work is Complete

You will know the energy work is finished because you will feel at peace and balanced. You may have better focus and be in a baseline energy state of contentment. If you cut the cord and the person or object still pops up in your mind, there may be a karmic situation occurring. In this case, repeat the techniques above for 21 days straight to gain the full effect. This can be enhanced if done in or around a full moon, new moon, or other time of release. Energy entanglements often sort themselves with continued intent, deep energy work, and through energy boundary work. Once the cord is cut, the other person may be feeling it as well. Even if it continues to pop up for a few days, give it about three to settle and be well. If still feeling unsettled, keep trying cord cutting techniques.